Moves, a Mobile App That Makes You Move!

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Walking the walk just got easier with Moves app, a free iPhone app that logs your movements. It’s like a diary of your day, automatically tracking activity and recognising movement such as walking, cycling, running and transportation. You can see where you’ve been and how much you’ve moved in a day through the app’s state-of-the-art activity- and place-recognition algorithms. Moves can show you where you’ve been, so you can see that at 10am every day you grab a coffee or at 3pm you tuck out to the shop to grab some sweets.

Moves App Log

Moves isn’t only about seeing how much one has travelled or where they’ve been. It’s also about wellbeing. Moves aims to get people walking more, aiming to walk 10,000 steps a day as part of a healthy lifestyle. Co-founder Aleksi Aaltonen says, “the idea is to allow you to understand your everyday habits and take small steps toward more healthy lifestyle.”

Moves app is a brilliant tool. It makes people aware of their movements (or lack there of) and encourage more people out walking.

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