Lonely Parts: Useful, Usable Creations From Thrown Away Schtuff

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Ever thrown something out because it needed fixing but you couldn’t find the part? Or perhaps you got rid of something that was no longer of use to you, but perfectly usable? A new service has just launched hoping to help people fix things more, and reduce waste in the process.

Lonely Parts is a charming new website that matches useable objects with recipients in need of repair. People can list their ‘parts’ – described as “a piece or segment of something such as an object, which combined with other pieces makes up the whole”. People are also able to view ‘impaired’ objects, which are listed as “being less than perfect or whole condition”. For example, this garden chair is in search of a cushion companion:

And this computer arm chair is after a good home:

Lonely parts is a simple, clever service that will hopefully help people be more resourceful and find joy in fixing things. Check out their site and offer a part to share or an item to repair.

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