Losing Your Head Not a Good Idea

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It is that time of year again. Countless number of turkeys have already lost their heads. Countless more will lose their heads before Christmas time arrives. Shortly after the heads are severed, feathers get plucked and then the poultry is seasoned, stuffed and placed in a hot oven for several hours.

Countless numbers of people like the above sequence of events. Family, friends, strangers gather round a holiday decorated table to share stories while eating turkey and fixings. The even luckier ones get the joy of eating leftovers for one or more days.

Turkeys lose their head and people rejoice. How about you? Are you losing your head, or anything else, because things are not going just the way you want? We may have a few things in common with Turkeys, but the concept of losing your head should never be one of the possibilities.

Are you facing holidays without heat, without a kitchen, without a job, without a family, without hope? Head loss does not make any of these conditions better. When you suffer from any of these conditions, keeping your head attached is complicated, hard and painful. Turkey heads cannot be reattached. When we lose our heads, it takes a long stretch of rehabilitation.

If you have your head attached and do not suffer the above conditions, this is the time to do something to express your thanks. Think about it. You are worth sharing. People can benefit and receive value from what you are able to accomplish when your hand is out and stretched. Someone sure could use it.

Whether your head is firmly attached or hanging too loose, I wish you much joy from sharing this Thanksgiving with family, friends, strangers, people you know, people you never met. It is one more time to get the right heads stuck on top of the right necks. Lift a drumstick and be thankful.

And, remember to thank the Turkey for its involuntary participation in your celebration.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!


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