THREElittleSTEPS Brings Offline Actions to the Online World


THREElittleSTEPS is a wonderful campaign that is bringing offline actions to the online world.

The idea is simple. Each day, members pick up 3 pieces of rubbish and the post these pictures to THREElittleSTEPS’s Facebook page. The images then appear in peoples’ newsfeeds and others can see the 3 pieces of rubbish thir friends have picked up.

The project began in February 2010 and has been gaining momentum every since. The founders explain that the project is really an experiment in peoples’ waste habits and seeing if daily interactions with issues of waste will shift attitudes.


Their  site explains: “what happens if we stop looking at litter around us as a problem and start to think about it as an opportunity? An opportunity to act. An opportunity to make the world around us cleaner. An opportunity to inspire others around us. An opportunity to pause and think about our own waste habits and how we can change them. We invite everyone to pick up THREE pieces of litter each day and when possible post it to our Facebook page.”

THREElittleSTEPS is fun and engaging- and it’s such a simple idea that could make a big difference.

(Spotted on PSFK)

Katherine Hui
Katherine Hui is currently the Social site editor at Green Thing, a web-based public service in London that inspires people to lead greener lives through creative content.

Before this, she worked as the Development Manager at Social Innovation Camp, an organization that encourages people to use web and mobile-based technology to mobilise social change. She oversaw 300 ideas submission and helped build 20 prototypes – five of which have gone on to get further funding or investment.

Katherine’s came over to the UK form Canada in 2007 for an MSc program at the London School of Economics. Before arriving in London, she managed a small environmental start-up in Vancouver called the Canadian Climate Change Alliance.

Katherine is football mad. She is a loyal supporter of Arsenal FC, plays for Islington Borough Ladies FC and coaches for Gunners in Islington in her spare time. Her second favourite hobby is kite surfing and she can sometimes be found chasing the wind.
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