LUMOBack: An App to Make You Sit Up Straight

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Do you sit at your desk way too long, cranking it out on the laptop? And, then when that’s not enough, hunch up with your tablet or scrunch up with your smartphone?

Sounds like you’ll be giving a new app called LUMOBack a try.

As the company’s website says, “Poor posture is unattractive, and it’s also not good for you.” And if you don’t already have it, you’re probably well on the road to developing it. After all, “we are sitting most of our lives — and in most cases, in anunhealthy way.”

The LUMOBack app, which was unveiled at last week’s DEMO conference, is still in development. It’s more than a timer that you can set that will remind you to get take a break from our constant online culture. It actually consists of “thin, flexible and wireless sensor adhesives that you put on your skin. These LUMOback sensorsmonitor and measure your posture in real-time and when you are slouching, it sends you small gentle vibrations toyour lower back reminding you to sit up nice and straight.”

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