Internet & Social Media Use Related to Mental Health Issues

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Below are some of “best of” some of the stories we’ve been curating this year that are beginning to underscore the very real problem of “Internet addiction”.

  • Facebook Posts can offer Clues of Depression
  • The Blink of an Eye?
  • Are you a Twitter addict?
  • Konya2012 Director is Detained and Hospitalized
  • No, you’re not fat, Facebook just makes you think you are
  • Are you a social media addict?
  • Are Millennials the most distracted or engaged generation?
  • Is Social Media killing our species? (love that one)
  • Why You’re probably working an extra two months this year
  • The Pursuit of Balance in the Digital Age: Silicon Valley worries about addiction to devices
  • One third of Americans choose the iPhone over sex
  • Is the web driving us mad?
  • Social media and depression

Yet, 98% of Americans say they distrust the Internet. What’s going on here? 

Source: KazzaDraskMedia.

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