DEMO’11: First Look at Ten Start-Up Companies in Palm Desert

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DEMO conference executive producer Matt Marshall heads the “Orientation Meeting” on Saturday Feb 26th, for the 50 or so demonstrators attending

Here are brief descriptions of our  top 10 favourite products that will be unveiled this week at the DEMO conference in Palm Springs, Calif. We’ll be posting more hands-on details and videos on them later on.

  1. Ajax – Cloud9 IDE
    Cloud9 IDE empowers Web developers to lead the revolution of Web technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript. The first-ever cloud-based integrated development environment (IDE) for JavaScript developers, supporting HTML5, Python, Ruby and PHP, Cloud9 enables Web developers to access, edit and share projects anywhere, anytime. Using this next-generation technology, developers can build, test, debug, and deploy millions of applications.
  2. Bizness Apps
    Bizness Apps is trying to make iPhone and Android apps affordable and simple for small businesses. It’s a do-it-yourself iPhone and Android app platform that allows small businesses to simultaneously create, edit, and manage iPhone and Android apps online without any programming knowledge needed.
    FetchFans, a social media design application, computer generates highly interactive custom branded Facebook pages, Twitter and blog backgrounds for companies with multiple holdings to effectively and efficiently brand advertise through the social networks.
  4. InfiniWing – KloudDock
    KloudDock brings a platform for diverse functional expansion targeted for Apple laptops. With patent pending locking technology, it utilizes electrical ports on two opposite sides of the laptop for mechanical attachments. With its secure integration with Apple laptop and its slim footprint, it can provide a secure desktop docking station or a carry-on attachment. Its applications are secure locking configuration, kickstand, 3G/4G data modem, GPS, external battery, HDMI/VGA port, Ethernet port, USB hub, and so on.
  5. News360
    News360 is a new way of consuming news on the iPad. The platform collects news from more than a thousand sources, and uses semantic analysis to identify the important trends and stories throughout the day. News360 focuses on making the news real-time, local and social, by using the user’s location and social graph to tailor the news stream to specific interests.
  6. SocialReplay
    SocialReplay helps businesses investing in social media extract key strategic information through qualitative data & analytics of their Facebook Page & Twitter accounts which assists them in the formulation of their marketing programs. The analysis of social media is in its early days and somewhat limited to structured quantitative analysis. Social Replay provides qualitative information that allows individual businesses to analyze the information in ways that match their changing needs.
  7. Speaku
    SPEAKU is a Topic-Driven, Real-Time Network. We make creating a new topic like composing an email. We make discovering new topics as simple as checking an inbox. It is the quickest and easiest way to broadcast rich content that you would typically find in blogs and forums to a live global audience. Speaku is to blogs and forums what Twitter is to status updates.
  8. TrendSpottr
    TrendSpottr is a search and curation service for Twitter, Facebook and other real-time data streams. Using advanced algorithms and curation tools developed specifically for the real-time Web, TrendSpottr filters, aggregates and publishes the top trending headlines, videos, images, phrases, hashtags and places for any search term or topic of interest. TrendSpottr improves the signal-to-noise ratio on the real-time Web by intelligently discovering the most timely, relevant and trending information.
  9. v3 Systems – Stratosphere
    Stratosphere supports up to 400 virtual desktops in a 2U server. These virtual desktops are faster than traditional desktops, use 1/30th the power and cost significantly less than other virtual and traditional desktop solutions.
  10. Websense – Defensio for Facebook
    Security for the social Web that prevents Facebook page owners from attackers posting unwanted content. Protects brand reputation, image, customers and prospects from being infected on Facebook.
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