PayPal: Absolutely No Plans To Go IPO

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PayPal president Scott Thompson is happy to be part of eBay!

At the PayPal X conference in San Francisco, PayPal president Scott Thompson confirmed once more that the San Jose, Calif.-based company has no plans to go IPO anytime soon. “We’re happy to be part of eBay, and I don’t believe that it’s likely to change anytime soon!”

More on eBay-PayPal synergies:

“We have nothing on that front to announce. And in fact, as we’ve said in other occasions, nobody that I know of inside of eBay or PayPal is working in any such strategy… There’s a long long runway of synergies left for these 2 businesses to enjoy together,” says Thompson.

“The one that Bob Swan commented on on our earnings call last week was the growth of our credit business, the BML [Bill Me Later] business inside of PayPal and using the strength of the eBay balance sheet in order to fund that growth in receivables and that is a powerful synergy for both businesses: putting the capital they generate to work to help us grow that part of our business and a very profitable part of our business.”

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