Orange Vallée ‘ON VoiceFeed’ Enhances iPhone’s Voicemail

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A worthy Google Voice competitor?

The ON VoiceFeed app is a new iPhone service specifically developed by Orange Vallée, the innovation hub of France Telecom, that enhances exchanges with family, friends, colleagues and any contact within the phone by creating customized groups and personalized greetings.

The app also delivers unique features for converting text to voice messages. Google Voice does the reverse, from voice to text.

Here are some of its key features:

  1. Communications Modified According to Contacts and Groups. Using the ON VoiceFeed App, ON users can create personalized voicemail greetings by groups of contacts. For example, a user can inform his work colleagues, via one personalized greeting, that he is stuck in a meeting, and at the same time send a different greeting to his wife that he misses her and will be home late.
  2. Record an Absent Message. The ON VoiceFeed App can easily be adapted to the needs of each user. If a user is, for example, delayed in a meeting, and needs to record an “away” message on his voicemail system, s/he can type the message on his iPhone and the text is converted into a voice message.
  3. Enhanced visual voicemail. ON VoiceFeed makes all the functions of visual voicemail available to iPhone owners. At a glance, you can visually consult all voice messages received and select which is most important to listen to, no matter when they are received. You can also see the Facebook or Twitter status of anyone who left you a message.
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