SAVED: Random Celebrity T-Shirts

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Not only have lots of regular people sent T-Shirts in to be Saved, lots of less-than-regular celebrity people have too. It’s been a total, utter and pleasant surprise.

People with fewer unloved T-shirts than they used to have now include: Imogen Heap, Marina and the Diamonds, Professor Green, Zandra Rhodes, VV Brown, Chipmunk, Mr Hudson, Example, Prince Cassuis and Lissie.

What are we going to do with these T–shirts?  Keep them for ourselves? Sadly no. Sell them on eBay for copious amounts of cash? Tempting but not the spirit in which they were given.

No these T-shirts are going to be given away as Random Celebrity Saved Specials, which simply means that we’re dispersing them through our Saved T-shirt inventory, which simply means that if you buy a Saved T shirt, you might get one that a celeb used to own.

For our launch we’ve got a few of Imogen Heap’s up for grabs, so just imagine this scenario. You see a Saved T you like in Green Thing’s shop; you buy it; a couple of days later it arrives (in pretty cool, very sustainable packaging, ps); you open it, slowly, pulling back each corner, unwrapping your pre-loved t-shirt; you see some handwriting on the label that at first glance says something like Ignomy Leap; oh wait a minute, you’ve got a Saved shirt that once belonged to Imogen Heap. Think about how lucky, fabulous and envied that would make you – and go and buy one now.

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