Lost Property of London


Up-cycling is something I hear more and more about. To the extent where I’m even toying with the idea of ‘up-cycling’ bits and bats myself and selling them on to make ends meet (not sure where I’m going with this idea, but it would sure be a more interesting way of paying the bills than waiting tables).

With this in mind, I should probably learn from the best – step in ‘Lost Property of London’. Using ‘abandoned fabrics’, LPOL’s up-cycling approach means they create not only unique and stylish products, but eco-friendly ones as well. Check out these bags made from coffee bean sacks (images from Liberty).

LPOL make it look so damn effortless to turn some scrap fabric into a must-have accessory. Not sure if my own attempts to the same will prove quite so easy but it’ll be worth a shot, no?

Rosa Abbott
Rosa Abbott is an arts, fashion and culture obsessive originating from Yorkshire, England, and currently living in Dublin, Ireland. On top of being a student at the illustrious Trinity College, she is a freelance journalist, writing for a number of Irish publications, and also edits the visual arts section of entertainment magazine Totally Dublin.

When she's not up to her eyeballs in writing, Rosa works as an assistant to stylist Aisling Farinella and volunteers at various art galleries. Her musings on life, style and art can also be found over at her blog, Too Gallant.
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