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I’m a keen amateur photographer and rarely go anywhere without my camera to hand. Despite a deep-seeded love for my Canon 550d, there are times when it fights for attention with my humble little iPhone. Don’t get me wrong, the camera on the iPhone itself is terrible – however there are many apps available on iTunes which turn the decidedly average features of an iPhone 3Gs camera into an all singing, all dancing wonder camera that a high-spec DSLR could only dream of becoming.

One of those apps and by far my most used and favorite is Hipstamatic. A clever little application which lets you choose different lens and film combinations in order to recreate a retro ‘digital-analogue’ feel. The app itself is hugely popular with professional photographers and amateur snappers embracing the movement.
What has this got to do with you, I hear you cry?! Well – the folks over at have got together with The Orange Dot Gallery in London to put together an exhibition of some of the best Hipstamatic shots they have gathered from various photographers the world over and three of my prints will be included.
Suffice to say this is the first time I’ve exhibited anything to the public – save for a few rather questionable evenings in my youth – so if you find yourself in and around London from the 13th to the 31st January please do pop along and have a little look. For those of you that won’t be able to make due to other international commitments the prints that will be on exhibition are:
‘BlaKeys Sunday’
‘Damage, Done’
Rick Politz and Sara Damergi
Rick Politz was born in the East End of London, England where he carved out a career in television and media. A former television cameraman, studio director and ultimately producer Rick worked across various television formats for companies such as ITV, Channel 4, 5IVE, Virgin Media and SKY. The highlight of his young career coming in 2008 when he assumed the role of Assistant Director for the cult UK feature film City Rats. In August 2010 Rick married his fiancée, television presenter Sara Damergi, and took a position in her ever-expanding online web empire. They now travel the world together completely location independent writing about their adventures overseas. Rick is a keen amateur photographer and an avid snowboarder.

Sara Damergi is a TV presenter, entrepreneur and globetrotter. TV clients include, MTV ,5IVE, Bravo, Sky and Channel 4. Sara also presented international extreme sports show, ''The Crunch'' filmed across China which was a prime-time success worldwide. Sara is of Lebanese and English descent and has always had a passion for new cultures and travel having lived in Beirut, Cyprus, London and in her clubbing heyday Ibiza, she is now indefinitely travelling the world funded from her internet businesses and blogging about it with her husband What Politz and Damage Did Next.
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