Tips to River Rafting On the Wild Side

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Are you thinking about undertaking an adventurous water sport? Those who are curious and adventurous by nature can embark on white-water rafting. This thrilling family activity provides an exciting experience for people of all skill levels and age groups. Both Europe and Africa are blessed with flourishing rivers that offer exhilarating water rafting adventures.

Rafting in Bosnia. Photo by Eko turizam u BiH (Tri doline) on Flikr.

A couple of travel companies around the world provide tours to white-water rafting locations. You can contact these agencies for flight details and other requirements. Each trip is supervised by an experienced guide and fitness instructor. The participants are requested to get a grip on basic paddling skills. Moreover, they should trust their guides and follow specific instructions during rafting.

White-Water Rafting In Europe

There are many exciting rafting places throughout Europe:

  • The Alps region in Europe is especially famous for white-water rafting.
  • Countries like Spain, Croatia, France, Scotland and Austria house multiple sites for water adventures.
  • The Ardeche River in France and the River Enns in Austria include Class III rapids.
  • The Rhein and Lutchine rivers in Switzerland accommodate class III and class IV rapids. While the Lutchine is noted for organizing the best rafting events, the River Rhein is known for picturesque panorama of Swiss Grand Canyon.
  • The Noce River meanders its way through the Sun Valley in northern Italy. It is one of the best white-water rafting destinations of the world. It features Class I to Class V rapids.
  • The Västerdalälven River in the Dalarna region, Sweden is famed for family trips and breathtaking scenery. It consists of risk-free Class I rapids for beginners.
  • The Uni River in Bosnia-Herzegovina (see photo below)
African River Safaris

The best time to visit Africa is from June to September, when the rivers contain just the right amount of water for rafting. You’ll find some of the best water rafting sites in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Madagascar, South Africa, Tanzania and Morocco. Rivers like Nile, Zambezi, Tekeze, Omo, Orange, Buffalo, Crocodile and Mangoky provide stimulating events for youngsters.

In addition to these, the Victoria Falls located between Zimbabwe and Zambia houses camping grounds, fishing creeks, national parks and rafting channels for exploration.


  • Rock splats – If the rafters load the back of the raft, they can paddle the raft into a rock on the river, having it hit the bottom of the boat instead of the nose; if done correctly this can raise the raft up vertically on its stern.
  • Surfing – Commercial rafts often use waves on rivers to surf.
  • Nose dunks – Large rafts can enter hydraulics called holes from downstream and reverse taco i.e. submerging there nose. This can be a safe way to get rafters wet in a hydraulic.
  • Pirouette – A move executed by either a sweep or draw stroke, a method often useful for avoiding obstacles is spinning the raft with current.
  • Troying – This is a move done by only expert white water rafters, and is the action of popping the back of the boat for a sudden burst of speed.

Making Initial Preparations
Rafting or white water rafting is the challenging recreational outdoor activity of using an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other bodies of water. This is usually done on White water or different degrees of rough water, in order to have a thrilling experience to raft passengers. It is considered an extreme sport even it is dangerous. We must be aware of some important things. Especially when riding with younger rafters, we must be aware that, According to the laws of some state’s and countries, rafters under the age of 12 may not be permitted to raft.

One key rule for people, when rapid get tougher rafters get exhausted is not dragging their paddle in the water which makes them lean towards one side and entire crew loses control. Buddy system on trips, by which other riders around us will help if any disaster strikes.

Swimming towards an eddy to avoid being taken downstream is one of the simplest way to avoid injury while out of a raft. Now you’re familiar with safety measures in rafting and best destinations in Europe and Africa, book your flights and fly to your favorite locations. Rafting is often played for the adrenaline rush enjoy it with all safety measures.

Guest Post by Sophie Morgan

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