Taiwan’s Taroko Gorge & Sun Moon Lake

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We have always wanted to go to Taroko Gorge since it’s probably one of the most beautiful places on the planet.  If you’re an American, it compares favorably to Yosemite National Park.

Sun Moon Lake is located in about the center of the island, which is the largest body of freshwater in Taiwan.  The scenery is spectacular and the temperature is cool.  
The main entrance to the lake is Yuchi Township in Nantou County and we stayed at the Tanhui Hotel across the street from the lake.  We could see the lake from our hotel if we looked through the glass of the hotel across the street.
The lake was beautiful:  Soaring mountains, cool breezes and fresh air; all things that can be difficult to find in summertime Taiwan.  The locals are mostly aboriginal and very friendly.  The only thing that was a letdown was that we went to dinner about eight and had a difficult time finding any place to eat so we ended up eating street food from a small night market. 
The highlight of the trip was a boat ride across the lake.  These guys lifted my wheelchair onto the boat and we powered across the lake to three locations.  On the way, we could get off at any of the stops and explore.  The place we stopped had a tram that went up over the mountain.  If you’re adventurous you can take the ride over the mountain and discover something.  I can’t have all the fun. 
I’m certainly glad that my family arranged this trip.  It was well worth the extra work to get caught up, we went on a Monday and stayed overnight. Here are some visual highlights of the trip.

Photo Credits: Elizabeth Banducci

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