Degauss Labs SPKRS Series Headsets in Vivacious Colors

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From CES this year, I came across a Scandinavian company — Degauss Labs – who produced headsets in vivacious colors but with flat chords. As a traveler who is constantly on the go, I thought they would be less likely to tangle in my bag as I was moving around. And, the design is beautiful.

The SPKRS Series is a line of earphones focused on top notch sound quality. They tout that the bass is amazing.

The all aluminum housing absorbs vibrations and preserves the sound quality. The housing is coated with a special technique making the housing as matte and clean looking as the rest of the earphone, rarely found on metal housed earphones. They feature an enhanced acoustic design that helps music sound smoother.

SPKRS comes in a variety of carefully selected AND fun colors. SPKRS is UNIVERSAL and works with Apple iPhone, and the latest version of Android phones from Samsung, HTC and Sony. Windows phone by Nokia is also supported.

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