Ztylus So You Can Shoot Better SmartPhone Photos

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I just discovered the ZTYLUS, a nifty product that adds “photographic lens” value to your Samsung Galaxy and iPhone. Essentially, the fixture brings additional quality and options to your smartphone. Imagine a professional grade camera rolled into one sleek and versatile unit.

The device is designed for those who have outgrown the limited capabilities of your smartphone camera but not quite willing to tote around a relatively large camera.

ZTYLUS offers the power and flexibility of an interchangeable-lens system while improving your mobile photography experience without the bulk design.

It comes with a shell that your iPhone slides into and a lens attachment. It simply affixes itself to your smartphone and within a few quick button clicks, it offers you four different lenses, each one marked by its initials.

  •  FL – Fisheye Lens
  • CPL – Circular Polarizer Lens
  • W/M – Wide Angle & Macro

Here is a video that will give you a thorough overview of all the lenses and their functions.  Though the case featured is for the Galaxy S4, the same principles apply to the iPhone case. Ideal for travelers, its a small, flexible and gives you a boat load of options with a few turns.

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