Peace Within the Body: What Death Brings to Living

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I had breakfast with a man who died.

He shared with me the mystical experience that had occurred as he left his body. That dying for him was purely leaving, but looked like “dying” for those who were left behind. He made a conscious choice to come back, to once again wear his body and return to the world of human consciousness. But why?

dying peace dr carlos warter

Dr. Carlos Warter has lived, by all accounts, an illustrious life. A 40-year journey filled with seeking peace and healing, he is the Founder & President of the World Heath Foundation for Development of Peace with the UN, has traveled to Daramsala with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, has enjoyed a diverse practice as a psychiatrist and healer, even sought to bring thaw to the Cold War, but he only learned what true peace actually felt like as a visceral experience, after he left his body.

Dr. Carlos Wartier

His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Dr. Carlos Warter

What can dying, or in this case, exiting the body, teach us about the return back into it?

In the video interview below, he shares what this felt like, and its implications for those who seek peace.

Those who wish to cultivate an awareness of Self as a spiritual being in the service to the Source of Peace, must generate peace of heart, peace of mind and peace for the Other that generates a deeper quality of peaceful being-ness across the board.

One learns that true peace is not in conflict with any viewpoint, rather it is accepting of all layers of expression beyond the dogma or rules. Most importantly, we cannot kill for peace.

He perceives that humans have actually created more separateness, a greater sense of difference because they are unaware of what happens on the other side of the body.

This is me and mine, that is you and yours. I am my differentiated Self by myself over here, and the Other is a threat to me and my tenuous grip on life. By investing in weaponry that shatters, rather than promotes peace, we actually promote that which we have invested in, which is war, because we have perceived war within ourselves first.

We then generate this energy outwards towards the Other as our perceived enemy. We have actually cultivated an economy and a massive system of thinking around the belief that our survival is dependent upon crushing another who may potentially be a threat to our fragile hold on life.

Waging war on the Other, has become a justification for the separated identity of those who are still at war within themselves. Dr. Warter believes that those who desire to generate peace as a way of life must first become examples of this energy, and share peace via education and experience with those who may still hold the belief system of war.

We have questioned our own existence since the eruption of language, and yet we still have not come to terms about what to do with the questions surrounding our fears about our concepts of ending.

  • Does life or consciousness in some form go on?
  • Will I go to some sort of Heavenly existence?
  • Has my life been good enough, or did I waste it?

These questions and more drive us to avoid even wanting to look at our own end. Therefore, he explains, we create complex wheels within wheels to try to describe our perceptions about existence. Inevitably they must fail, because we are none of those convoluted theories.

We are indeed, so much more. We fear our demise into Grand Nothingness, so we strive to become immortal in some way. We write books and concoct theories of belief and existence, but as we are already immortal, it is wasted energy and a distraction from the way of Peace as living. Dr. Carlos, and the many others who have undertaken this journey as messengers assure us, your heart may stop beating, but you still ARE.

Dr Carlos Warter dying peace

Dr. Carlos Warter

He found peace in the knowledge, that as wonderful as our accomplishments may be, as powerful as our career and connections may lead us to believe that we could ever be in human bodies, as much stuff as we have spent a lifetime accruing, not one shred of that human identification transcends with us. In the ascent from the body into the next realm of immortality, we become the witness of human life, rather than retain our paltry identification within the diverse theories or practices we have used to create our beliefs about human life. We learn that we are not our “stuff”, and that all of our stuff is on loan.

We Are Not Our Stuff — All of Our Stuff is on Loan.

Peace is not the Afterlife. Peace is present in the current life. Dr. Carlos discovered that all he needed to do was to get out of his own way in order to see the light streaming all around, that had only been peeking through before. His work of 4 decades, with dozens of foundations, and teams, and governmental bodies had created a niche within his own heart to be able to finally hold the true meaning of peace when it actually descended upon him. It was not to be found in seeking “out there”, nor as a theory in some book, but as an expression of Being within.

Peace is Not an Afterlife.

His quest took him around the world as a human to wage peace. But only when his heart stopped beating at a dinner table with family and friends, did he finally come to know what peace as a human truly meant. Now his awareness continues in his body and in his being, as a living expression and demonstration of the experience of peace as a practice for living.

Watch: Kristen Eykel Interviews Dr. Carlos Warter at the Science and NonDuality conference in San Jose, Oct. 2017 

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