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The truth is that we are always reading three or four books simultaneously and get in quite a few that cover spiritual awakening, ascension, the soul’s journey, the cosmos, our life here on the Earth Plane, Fifth Dimensional transition, the Galactic star story, Lemuria and Atlantis, ancient Egypt, philosophy, theology and beyond– the list goes on. Most of our work however focuses on the soul’s journey, its purpose and how to tap into your Higher Self and divine love as your primary source for living and being. In the now. Always in the now. From that place, we learn how to forgive, show compassion and empathy and give. When we give, we heal and when we heal others, we heal ourselves.

Here is a fun curated list of books that touch upon our dreams, fears, manifestations, soul’s destiny, and our Innate being. From the Journey of the Soul to the Cosmos, the Akashic Records and our Star Seed Cousins to the lands of Lemuria and Atlantis, we learn about our history from a new vantage point, as channeled and/or viewed by these spiritual authors.

The Human Soul Revealed

One of my favorite reads in a very long time is The Human Soul Revealed by Monika Muranyi. Have you ever wondered about the true nature of the Soul, about the role it has in your life and how Souls are aspects of a unifying higher consciousness? If so, where is it and how does it function?

Because we do so much work around the soul’s purpose and journey, this was a page turner and we couldn’t put it down. The answers in this book are pretty aligned to what we channel as well — when I feel this kind of connection and resonance, it makes me wonder at a deeper level about soul groups and if the soul is shared with others in one human body. Possible no? We think so and of course, this has to do with quantum physics, which is beyond what our linear minds can think.

Monika does an amazing job at curating many of the Kryon channelings under one roof in this book, pertaining to the Soul and the Soul’s Journey….on the Earth plane. In other words, the human soul. Asks Kryon: “what would you be like if you could hold just a little more of your Soul? And if you did, what would that be like? How would it affect you? What would happen to the Earth?” This is the time to become more compassionate.” The language is very endearing as Kryon often refers to us as “dear souls,” as a way to teach us and let us know about divine wisdom we have access to here and now, as we move into a higher dimension and consciousness as a species.

It even talks about ways to reprogram your body. Yes, really. We learn that there’s Innate’s Old program — an old system was required for a time, but all of this is changing now. The channelings say that our full Akashic wisdom and learning is suddenly accessible in real time to the energy of the Earth. Kryon (via Monika) asserts that “you don’t need to reincarnate quickly anymore. Instead, you can do it by remaining here, as your DNA starts to increase in efficiency.”

Even though we’ve been told through our own guides and other channelers that some aspects of our personality follow us lifetime to lifetime (Akash stuff) that the Soul itself doesn’t really have a personality. In other words, the Soul is forever and unchangeable. Call it the Higher Self if you wish for it does indeed vibrate higher than you do in your physical body.  A part of God, Source or the Soup as we humorously sometimes call it (Universal Consciousness — all, one, he, she, it, they, we and everything). The suggestion here is that there are no attributes of humanism in the Soul.

In a moment of pure oneness, we are all one and connected. Gaia and Mother Nature are not really different, but it just appears that way….depending on who you talk to and which religion/culture for example. In other words, “angels, entities and what you call master guides, are all from the same source and actually one personality with many sides.” Now listen to this if you want profound: what makes them all seem different to US, is that every one of us is channeled by a Human, so it’s the Human who personalizes the energy from the other side of the Veil.” Yeah, humans want personalities and so it is. At the end of the day, it’s all universal and the energy is connected. We really are one all and love is the most important thing that binds us all.

You can order this really great read on Amazon.

The Human Akash

If you’ve been on a spiritual journey for awhile, you have heard of the Akashic Records and perhaps have talked to a channeler who has given you information from these records. Perhaps you’ve even been able to access them yourself.

What’s remarkable about this read is that it solely focuses on the Akash from a human perspective. In other words, our soul has experienced other lives on other planets, some at the same time we are here on Earth. But the Akash is specific to our Human Lives on earth. It relates to our personalities over time, our fears and phobias. In this book, you learn what creates a child prodigy as well as other mysteries scientists can’t get their heads around or prove in traditional ways.

Written by Monika Muranyi, this book is the second in the Kryon trilogy series, represents an amazing job of research that covers in detail the elusive information within your Akash. Better understanding the soul allows you to better understand how to truly live from your soul’s purpose each and every day. The book explores what your blocks are and what the things that you think are you that can’t be changed as one example.

If you’re a healer, you’ll find this part fascinating. Imagine that if there is indeed many versions of you including a divine blue print if you like that is healthy and vibrant and younger, have you ever considered that perhaps you could go to that former you and replace the current you with the former you? This is what Monika refers to as mining the Akash and what is a quantum Human Being, versus the third dimensional being that we are living today.

Living from this place involves going way beyond what you were told past life energies were for and way beyond the way you’ve trained to think and be. It also goes far beyond what you’ve been told can be done by the human body. Sometimes you go to healers and were told that you do things in this lifetime (good or bad) and that they relate to karma. The Buddhists fixated on this as well. In these Kyron channelings, it is suggested that this karmic exchange is an old idea. In other words, past life experience builds up in your DNA so that you will be disturbed by it, so that it will become the sand in your oyster and then you have to accomplish something to get around it.

Given the shift that is happening on our planet (and beyond our planet today), this new channeled information is suggesting that our powers are greater than ever before. What if you could tap into the wisdom, knowledge and abilities (think talents like being good at math or being an artist) from previous lives? After all, you lived all those lives. That wisdom is yours for the taking and the book walks you through how in addition to explaining why that is so. Personally I couldn’t put it down.

It’s a must read and you can easily order it on Amazon.

The Gaia Effect

Monika Muranyi also wrote The Gaia Effect, a book that I personally feel connected to given my Earth bound energy in this lifetime. I have always felt very close to the Earth and everything natural that lives on it, from the birds, trees and soil beneath my feet, to the lakes, oceans, rivers, walking paths, mountains, hills and valleys, I’ve connected with them all.  In this book, Monika explores Earth Energies, such as ley lines, portals, sacred sites, and the conscious relation between Gaia and humanity. Is it possible that Gaia herself has a consciousness? You betcha and what we do as a human species affects the Earth as well as Higher Consciousness, not just on this planet but far far beyond. Powerful right?

What Monika has done so beautifully well in this book is curate everything that Kryon has ever channelled about Gaia, from the original channelings of Lee Carroll who is the original channel for Kyron and has been for well over two decades. Kryon asks readers these profound questions: Is it possible that the whole purpose of Gaia is to support humanity? Is it possible that Human Beings are not simply another form of mammal on a planet moving around the sun? Is it possible that the energy delivered from the vibratory rate of this planet is based upon what humanity does and this will actually affect the whole Universe? The answer is yes to all.

“Is it possible that the energy delivered from the vibratory rate of this planet is based upon what humanity does and this will actually affect the whole Universe?” — Kryon

You’ll learn about the History of the Earth, its energy grids, the Kundalini of the Earth, Gaia and “her” relationship to the Universe and the Unsolved Mysteries of Gaia or perhaps they are part of a whole system design? If you’ve ever felt a kindredness to Gaia, a connection to nature and all living things, and resonate with the notion that we are out of balance in our connection to Gaia today, then this is a must read for you. You can find this book over on Amazon.

Women of Lemuria

Together with Dr. Amber Wolf, Monika Muranyi tackles ancient wisdom for modern times from the mysterious Lemurians, but specifically the Women of Lemuria. On your spiritual quest, you will hear about Lemuria again and again — its impossible not to explore Lemuria if you’ve been on a path to higher consciousness for awhile now. Those who have been to Mount Shasta will have heard the stories about Lemurians who still live in the mountains, hidden by the Human Eye.

In our circles, people believe that Lemuria was a very real place and that it existed but Science discounts it as do many others. Is it possible that a place called Lemuria existed? What about the missing continent of MU? Monika once again curates the best from the Kryon channelings all in one book, specifically related to Ancient Lemuria, and the role of women in that mystical place. In addition, there is a special chapter from Dr. Amber (Mele ha) Wolf, who is the creator of the Lemurian Sisterhood.

Through these channelings, we learn that many of us who experienced a lifetime in Lemuria were taught core spiritual truths from the Pleiadian Star Mothers, and that this very special wisdom still exists in your Akash today. This means that you can tap into that knowledge and wisdom.   Since we love language over here, we were curious about the Lemurian language as this isn’t something that a lot of people know about nor is there a ton of information about it. There as in fact a Lemurian language and that it provided the seeds to some of the most ancient and profound languages today. Says Kryon, “language from Egypt, Israel and Polynesia are derivatives of what we’ll call the original language of Solara Maru. In these languages contained basic truths that even today you grapple with.”

We learn in the book about the strengths and magic that the Lemurians had, such as an added dimension of perception. In other words, they walked upon the Earth with a dimensional quality that had attributes way beyond what we have today. The Lemurians understood multi-dimensionality and over time, they were exceptionally aware that there was a devolution occuring (the opposite of evolution) and that they were losing certain abilities. Kyron suggests that the Lemurians not only had this ability, but also intuitive knowledge of the multi-dimensional DNA, which is what led them to build the Temple of Rejuvenation and use magnetics to alter their body clocks. Far reaching right? It’s a very engaging read. Find it on Amazon.

Atlantis & Lemuria

This fascinating read by Tom T. Moore tackles both Lemuria and Atlantis. The context is this: sixty thousand years ago, two continents existed, each about 10 to 12 percent larger than Australia. One (Atlantis) was in the Atlantic Ocean, and the other (Lemuria) was in the Pacific. Moore asks: why are they no longer there?

What’s most fascinating about this read is that it’s more of a Q&A throughout, so many of the questions we all may have had are in the book, asked by the author and answered by his channeled Source. From the travel perspective, we hear it all the time: Hawaii was part of Lemuria and other parts of Polynesia. Here, those details are explained from a geographic perspective but so so much more.

We learn about the Atlantean Moon, how women worked and the role of women in a wonderful section on the daily lives on Lemuria and Atlantis, how children were educated, early animal species, human evolution, history and my favorite: crystal power. Because of all the volcanic activity at the time, crystals were in abundance. In Tom’s channeling, we learn that the Atlanteans noticed early on that there was great energy coming from the giant crystals, so they studied it and came across using magnetics to generate power from them. From historical recounts to every day life, we learn about Atlantean and Lemurian life — there’s even an entire section on science, technology and healthcare. The Fall of Atlantis is also revealed.

Many people have been led to believe that the Atlanteans and Lemurians were together however it is noted here that they were separate, seeded at slightly different times and by “different off-worlders” — their language, not ours. In Chapter 9, it is stated that the Lemurians were much more spiritually in tune with nature vis a vis the Atlanteans who were more of a scientific bent. If you’ve always been curious about these two worlds, it’s a great read. Find it over on Amazon.

The Gentle Way

A lovely book by Tom T. Moore, The Gentle Way calls itself a guide for those who believe in angels. I would say that believing in Spirit and beyond the Earth plane will suffice since many people see angels as a “religious thing.” In our experience, that can’t be further from the truth but if you grew up around Christian and Catholic teaching, your mind will likely go there right away when you see the word angels. It really wasn’t that long ago that I first became option to the notion of angels — the religious dogma I grew around sent me about as far away as possible from any conversation about angels. As I wrote in early 2017 when I reviewed my first book on angels, “whenever I have seen angel cards or calendars in book stores, I always associated them with zealots and I’ve never been a fan of organized religion. My connection was naturally to people like my great aunts or my teachers from catholic school who wore rosaries around their necks and had crosses hanging in their homes, often in every room. “

We ask our own guides often: do angels exist? They always say yes but not in the way you think of them which is a great response given that a lot of their answers are yes and no because of the fact that there really are no absolutes. And yet, we channel them. In our experience, what comes through is pure divine love so it’s less about the messages and more about the transmission of love, compassion, empathy and truth.

Tom refers to Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s) throughout the book — some are humorous and some you’ll likely resonate with from your own day to day situations. We have learned in our own daily lives, that sometimes when we think we’re asking for divine timing, divine order and benevolent outcomes that are best for us and all those involved, our intention isn’t pure or….our soul may have a different idea of what the outcome should be. When I say our intention isn’t always pure, I mean that so often, the stress of what we need may come across in a demanding way rather than a ‘go with the flow’ kinda way. Sometimes it appears that our guides aren’t listening when in fact, they’re responding to what is for our Highest Good and that of the soul, not the individual body.

In this easy-to-read book, Tom outlines how to request guidance and when it doesn’t always align, what might possibly be behind it. He uses examples in his own life, including many trips and after all, who doesn’t need a less stressful time when they travel to a foreign destination, especially one they’ve never been to before. A great read, find it on Amazon. It comes as a series — in other words, there are many follow on versions of The Gentle Way, such as The Gentle Way II, The Gentle Way III and so on.

Precessional Time & the Evolution of Consciousness

In this fabulous read about how stories create the world, Richard Heath, you’ll learn about the heightened creativity necessary and available during a precessional shift between ages . And, quite frankly if you look closely you will see this throughout history. In his wonderful account, you’ll learn where and how cosmic energies of consciousness and creativity can be found using principles developed by G. I. Gurdjieff and John G. Bennett.

For those who truly love myth, legend and history, you’ll love the recount of how myths, megaliths, language, and cave art enabled narratives shaped by sacred proportion.

Storytelling remains an integral part of all of our lives, does it not? Is it not storytelling even more than language, tools, or intellect, that make us human and resonate with our own humanity. Says Heath, “our Neolithic and Megalithic ancestors recognized this and stored, within their mythic narratives, an understanding of how sky changes evoke changes in consciousness as human cultures progress through each Zodiacal Age of the precessional cycle.” Now, as we enter the Age of Aquarius, the book is all about how to tap into the power of these stories to not just give our world meaning, but meaning to us and everything that makes up who we are — at a human level and at a soul level.

Exploring how ancient myths, megalithic structures, the formation of language, and even prehistoric cave art are narratives shaped by sacred proportion, Richard shares how we’re in fact shaped by these inner spiritual aspects within our material world and how these allow us to actively participate in the evolution of human consciousness. He reveals how the precessional myth of the hero’s journey to steal fire from heaven describes a necessary search for new cultural modes that occurs at the end of an Age as the dominant culture begins to falter–and how the massive information bubble created by our modern world, while drowning us in meaningless narratives, also contains the components for an evolutionary shift in consciousness.

You can get this intriguing book over on Amazon.

Kryon: The Recalibraton of Humanity & The New Human 

If you haven’t read any of the Kryon books yet, then you may not know just how long Lee Carroll has been channeling Kryon. We haven’t read Book 12 yet, which is The 12 Layers of DNA and are eager to explore it because Monika references Book 12 in her own books frequently, which curate Kryon channelings around specific topics, i.e, Gaia, the Akash, the Human Soul, etc.

It appears from our reading and research, that most people will have been introduced to Kryon before Monika’s work (see above), however we happened to read Monika’s trilogy book series first. As a result, we hadn’t yet experienced Lee Carrroll’s channeling (via any of his online recordings) or previous books (Kryon Books 1-12). Because she referenced them so frequently throughout her books, we had to learn more and so….books 13 and 14 were sent to us which we’re eager to finish. So far, they’re both page turners and simply put….hard to put down.

In Book 13: The Recalibration of Humanity, we get updates on what the ancients knew ALL ALONG. Ancient masters and teachers ancients foretold of this time, and it’s in the Mayan Calendar as well. In this book, the channelings focus on the new “rules” of reality and if this is the case, whether new prophecies apply. Imagine that we’re actually moving towards a NEW Earth. This is talked about in some of Monika’s trilogy of books as well as some of Kryon’s earlier books, but we get updated information post 2012 which is when things really began to shift for our humanity and planet.

Now we are in a place of the recalibration of self, as well as the recalibration of dark and light which pertains also to the recalibration of Gaia and the future. Some of what we have learned from our own guides align with some of the stuff written in this book, especially about the abilities of the human species — what we will be capable of in the NEW Earth as well as our abilities to heal so far beyond what we know and understand today: ourselves and others.

In Book 14: The New Human: The Evolution of Humanity, they focus on the evolution of humanity itself. Some people in our book group and even social circles ponder the question: are we actually evolving at all? They worry about we are passing onto our children. Entirely channeled, this unique and ‘out there’ look explores what the new human will mean not just in the context of our lives, but for all of humanity which ultimately impacts the Earth, the Solar System, the Universe and beyond. Book 14 explores the coming evolution of our species in depth and it’s such a powerful read.

You can find Book 12 on Amazon, as well as Book 13 and Book 14.

The Book of Secret Wisdom

Translated from the Senzar by Zinovia Dushkova, The Book of Secret Wisdom provides a prophetic record of human destiny and physical evolution of man on the Earth today. She gives us twelve stanzas from the Book of Dzyan, which include: The Genesis of Divine Love, the Knowledge of the Heart, the Sowing of Love, the Gift of Mind, the Persecution of Love, the Final Battle, the Fiery Baptism, the Love of the Heart, the Era of Wisdom & Beauty, the Divine Humanity, the Fire of Love and finally, the Bird of Gods.

Bringing wisdom in from the oldest book in the world (they suggest) and its sacred language, we learn some of its infinite wisdom.

It says that each epoch aimed to reveal the secret pages of universal knowledge, facilitating the progress of human consciousness round-by-round. In this context and from this place, the twelve stanzas weave you into ancient old wisdom for the heart and for the soul.

Here’s a fascinating excerpt about the Earth, which they refer to as the youngest planet in the Solar System, called the ‘Cradle of Gods,’ by the Masters. It is said that Earth is a living conscious being, governed by Cosmic Laws. And, that “in the esoteric tradition, it is believed that the Mother and Father of the Earth is the Sun, whose feminine aspect is represented by Venus and the masculine aspect by Mars. The Earth is the successor to the Moon, which gave to the planet all its vital force…..” So much wow right? It makes you want to keep reading.   You can grab this over on Amazon.

Also worth reading is Zinovia Dushkova’s The Secret Book of Dzyan, which unveils the hidden truth about the oldest manuscript in the world and its divine authors. Grab this over on Amazon as well. Additionally, she has a Teaching of the Heart series (Book 1, which helps you access the wisdom that exists within your heart, gently and truly leading you to a completely different experience of life. Each book in the series will reveal your heart’s secret powers and cover a wide range of topics from everyday life to travels within the Universe.

Winner of the 2016 Silver Nautilus Book Award for Religion & Spirituality, The Call of the Heart is the first in The Teaching of the Heart series by Zinovia Dushkova, Ph.D. She continues the spiritual tradition of the hidden Masters who guided Helena Blavatsky and Helena Roerich to lead humanity from intellectual knowledge to the divine wisdom of the heart. Find Book One on Amazon as well as her other books in this series. There are quite a few and all worth exploring, each with a different theme, i.e., The Fiery Heart: Discovering the Source of Divine Wisdom (Book 6) and The World of Fire (Book 7) as two examples.

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