Myoga and Red Potato Vegan Miso Soup

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This is the conclusion recipe for BAM 25. This miso soup was a bit of a challenge because I didn’t want to sacrifice flavor. Myoga is so fragrant and it’s a wonderful compliment to miso. If you can’t get myoga, a tiny bit of grated ginger will also add tons of flavor. Leave the skin on the red potatoes because they also add flavor to this soup. Yukon Gold or fingerling potatoes would also be nice but I think the red potatoes look a little prettier. I chose akamiso for this soup because akamiso had a deep aged flavor compared to other types of miso. You won’t even know that it’s a vegan miso soup. I didn’t leave out the dashijiru entirely though. The kombu is still in there! If you don’t have kombu, it’s not absolutely necessary but I think it adds just a little more goodness. :)

Ingredients (Servings 2)
1 cup of red potatoes cut into cubes
2 cups of water
3-4 inch piece of dried kombu (kelp)
2 tablespoons of akamiso (red miso)(Akamiso has more sodium than shiromiso or koji miso so be careful not to add too much)
1 myoga sliced

1) Add the kombu to the water and allow it to soak for about 30 minutes.
2) Slowly bring the kombu to a boil and add the red potatoes.
3) Cook the potatoes until they are soft and remove the aku (skum from the potatoes)
4) Turn off the stove and mix in the akamiso by dissolving it in the ladle. You don’t want to leave the stove on because the miso will burn.
5) Once the miso is dissolved, add in the myoga and serve immediately.

Add the kombu to the water and bring to a slow simmer.
Miso soup myoga red potato_kombu dashi

Add the potatoes to the kombu dashi. Remove any skum from the surface of the soup.
Miso soup myoga red potato_cook potatoes and kombu together

Add the akamiso and dissolve in the ladle.
Miso soup myoga red potato_add akamiso

Add in the myoga and serve immediately.(Don’t forget to remove the kombu)
Miso soup myoga red potato_add myoga

This is one vegan miso soup with tons of flavor!
Miso soup myoga red potato_served Authentic Japanese, CA fusion, French & Italian influenced recepies.

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