Introducing Nourishing the Planet TV!

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Nourishing the Planet is excited to introduce a whole new way to experience innovative projects and practices that are helping to alleviating hunger and poverty around the world. A new weekly video series, NtP TV brings you images, interviews and more in-depth information about different agricultural innovation. Get to know the NtP team and the innovations we are highlighting regularly, and stay tuned for more NtP TV in the coming weeks!

In this week’s episode, Nourishing the Planet Research Fellow, Molly Theobald, highlights Food and Natural Resource Policy Analysis Network’s (FANRPAN) Theatre for Policy Advocacy project to explain how the organization is using theater to help improve the livelihoods of rural farmers – especially women.

To learn more about FANRPAN and its other projects, see: FANRPAN: Working to Connect Farmers, Researchers, and Policy Makers in Africa, Acting it Out for Advocacy, Fighting Two Battles with One Dialogue and Innovative Ways of Hearing Farmers’ Voices.

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