Q&A About Love & Soul’s Purpose with Jeshua

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I had a fascinating experience with Pamela Kribbe who has been channeling Jeshua and His energy since 2002. Can you imagine? She has spent a decade and a half of channeling the world and life of Jeshua, now in Spirit form, but who once walked Earth as a man now more than 2,000 years ago.

We had an opportunity to work with her during the late spring and early summer. Over the course of a few months, we asked questions and Jeshua answered. Then, Pamela and I jumped on Skype to continue the dialogue and dive deeper.

JeshuaBe sure to read my article on Pamela Kribbe and her world — she’s truly fascinating and deeply committed to making the world a better place through enhanced awareness and knowledge of the Spiritual Realm, mostly through channeling the words and wisdom of Jeshua.

I cover some of this in my first article however we dove a bit deeper as we were curious to better understand what most books just don’t explain about His life.

The below questions are not all the questions we asked but we decided to publish just a select few, for now. Some of them were too personal as they related to Anthony and I’s Soul Journey, most of which have been confirmed by our own Spirit Guides.

Truth be told, we wanted a mix of history and love, the latter being even more important to us than historical bits and pieces. As Gina Lake so beautifully described in all of her books, love is really the answer to unlocking our deepest fears and living our full potential. I have read nearly all of her books, which are largely words from channeling Christ energy.  Be sure to read my write-up on Gina Lake and her work.

Let’s now dive into some of our questions we gave Pamela Kribbe for Jeshua.

Jeshua on Love, Your Soul’s Path & Isis  

Renee: Jeshua, did you raise your physical body from the dead or did You gather information from the universe to raise only Your ethereal body?

Jeshua: I raised only my ethereal body, as the physical body belongs to Earth and I no longer needed it. The ethereal body is more alive and infused with the soul’s energy than the physical body anyway, and I was aware of this when I was being crucified. I was able to withdraw my energy into the ethereal body during the process but I decided to stay with the physical body until the end.

Because I was able to focus on my ethereal body and recognize it as holding my essential nature more than the physical body, it lessened the physical suffering and I was able to endure it till the end.  I wanted to stay present in my physical body till the end so I was able to communicate with my loved ones through my eyes and words.

But after the physical body passed away, I fully retreated into my ethereal body. However, it was still connected with Earth and with the people I loved for some time. Because of their strong connection with me, they could see me after my physical death, but they did not really see me with their physical eyes.

It was because of their strong connection with me that they had a heightened sense of awareness, which enabled them to communicate with me and see me seemingly as a physical apparition.


Renee: Jeshua, were you born of an immaculate conception or of the physical union between Mary and Joseph?

Jeshua: I was born through the physical union of Mary and Joseph. Divinity is born in an through the flesh, there is no need to circumvent it. Love is a sacred energy and your physical bodies are meant to express and hold this sacred energy in the act of love making.

The notion that immaculate conception is better or higher than conception through the flesh rests on a mistake. What makes any conception sacred is the loving involvement of all three souls involved, the mother, father and child. The physical body is meant to partake in the joyful dance between the feminine and the masculine.

My soul wanted to fully partake in human life and the conception was only “immaculate” in the sense that both Mary and Joseph were fully aligned from their hearts with my coming. This is the only real meaning of immaculate. The very literal one (conception without physical union) is based on a misunderstanding of the profound nature of sexuality.

Renee: What was the relationship/connection between Mary and the goddess Isis?

Jeshua: The Isis energy is a cosmic energy and an angelic energy that was not embodied in a human being in the way that Mary embodied the Christ energy.

Simply put, Isis is not an individual soul, it’s more like a angelic force or archetypical higher feminine energy. Her characteristics are universal (joy, lightness, mercy, renewing life) however the way you know her is through ancient Egyptian culture so the name Isis also refers to this ancient culture and their perception and knowledge of this angelic dimension.

Mary was a human personality as well as an embodied soul and this means that she has a unique essence, she is not a universal or archetypical field of energy. She is a soul like you, however because of her strong connection with the Christ energy and the fact that she was my mother, she became the symbol of the archetypical Mother energy and there are similarities between this energy and the Isis energy.

Basically, there is a higher (heart-based) masculine and a higher (heart-based) feminine energy and they both have a variety of characteristics which have been displayed or symbolized by different Gods, Goddesses or Angels throughout history.

It’s not really that important to understand the relationship between them, unless you are interested in the historical aspects of it. Spiritually, the most important thing is to recognize and cultivate these characteristics within yourself, because you – as individual creators and souls – are all meant to embody the balanced masculine and feminine energies inside yourself.

Renee & Anthony: you have come through with messages of faith, love and healing.  What should we take away from these connections we have had? What about our role as healers?

Jeshua: Rely on your own strength and intuition and go with the flow of joy inside your heart. Physical healing and emotional healing are not separate levels, they interact constantly, and generally speaking, physical healing happens by breakthroughs on the emotional/spiritual level.

You cannot force physical healing to happen, as it has to flow naturally from the inner state of the one with the physical ailment. You can help people reach a deeper state of love for themselves, of surrender and trust, however it is their choice to allow in what you offer to them.

Sometimes physical healing happens, sometimes not or not yet. It’s really not up to you, but depends on the individual path of the other person. All beings have their own natural way of growing and evolving. The presence of a teacher or healer may shift things profoundly but it depends on many factors outside of him/her and it’s therefore unpredictable to the human mind.

Go with what feels joyful to do and rest assured that you are sharing and offering enough. Be patient and have trust. Just as there are forces outside of you which hinder healing and growth, there are also higher forces that support and foster growth. The more you follow the joy and lightness in your heart, the more you are aligned with these higher forces.

Renee & Anthony: Are Gods, Goddesses and Angels real? Or are they an illusion or creation of man?

Jeshua angels

Jeshua:  The human notions of Angels, Spirit Guides, Gods etcetera are ways of perceiving the One or the Divine. Every way of perceiving highlights some aspects rather than others (for example the masculine versus the feminine, qualities of strength and courage versus compassion and gentleness, etcetera).

All perspectives have certain limitations, as they necessarily focus on certain aspects and neglect others, but that doesn’t mean that they are “just perceptions”. They perceive a reality that is there, independent of the perspectives, however the ultimate reality of God or the One cannot be captured by any one “perspective”, this is impossible.

What happens in your Soul’s evolution is that you grow into an ever larger understanding of the One by integrating more and more perspectives, not by the mind, but by living through them and by gradually seeing the truth and value in all these different perspectives and celebrating the many faces and aspects of Creation. Perspectives are a living reality.

The fact that they have limitations that you eventually outgrow, doesn’t make them ‘merely subjective’; they were and are a necessary means to experience life in the embodied or incarnated state.

And So, What Does it Mean?

Religious or not (we are not), the insights from Jeshua that came Pamela through are powerful and profound. While we didn’t publish all of our questions and answers (and nor did Jeshua answer all of the questions we posed), what did come through is largely around consciousness, humanity, your Soul’s Purpose and Journey and above, all, the importance of compassion and love.

Jeshua serenity and peace tranquility and serenityAt the end of the day, the more you can turn to Light and Love, assisting others on their path and giving yourself the self-love your Soul (and human body) deserves, the more you’ll live a life of joy, serenity and peace.

When I was younger, I used to think the word serenity was a word for the “retired,” those who were either too old or boring to choose adventure and excitement.

Little did I know, even as an Old Soul. You see, I always gravitated towards serenity and my Soul knew it was what it yearned all along, even at 20. I’d lie on the hammock in front of Caroga Lake every summer breathing in all of nature’s beauty. I inherently knew at ten years old as I do now forty years later, that serenity is nothing short of perfection on Earth.

Serenity is knowing that nature is healing and can transform you on your journey.

Serenity is knowing that pure joy comes from giving and receiving love in perfect harmony.

Serenity is embracing a yin and yang existence, knowing that a true balance between feminine and masculine energies is what the world needs to heal.

Serenity is knowing that everything and everyone is divinely beautiful and perfect just as it is.

When you accept and embrace these realizations, you’ll know that serenity is much more powerful than adventure and not for boring people at all, but for the Old Souls, the Wise, the Saints and those who are not afraid to LIVE and BE love above all else.

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