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I had never heard of Robert Schwartz until a few months ago and yet it appears we have mutual acquaintances. Isn’t life often that way when you meet someone you really align with? It turns out that like-souls seem to find each other in each lifetime — in fact many assert that soul “groups” actually reincarnate together to help each other on our respective journeys.

When I first started browsing through Schwartz’s best selling book Your Soul’s Plan, which explores the real meaning of the life you planned before you were born, I had no idea that I would read about people I already knew. Is it possible that Rob and I know each other in the Spiritual Realms and is it possible that we have met in a previous life — maybe even worked together?

Robert Schwartz Your Soul's Plan

Do our souls keep re-meeting and re-engaging with the same souls when we reincarnate? Do kindred souls travel down the same roads to keep learning with each other again and again?

Perhaps but not necessarily. Not everyone you feel a kindred soul connection with is in your soul group and your parents may not even be in your soul group. But, those you need to learn from and/or teach or who will help you along your path, do show up, often when we least expect them.

Through several past life readings, we have received consistent confirmations that my partner and I have known each other as lovers, husband/wife, friends, teachers, and students in countless lives as twin souls who keep re-meeting in “different forms” to continue our learning, serving and healing in a physical body.

Early on in our relationship, we pulled many all nighters talking. It was clear to me that I knew his soul at a visceral level but couldn’t quite explain it, at least not rationally in a way that my or anyone else’s human mind could ever understand. So, do we each have a Soul’s Plan that we agree to in advance as well as who we want to live a life with? Robert Schwartz thinks so.

Robert Schwartz & The Soul’s Plan

Your Soul’s Plan and Soul’s Purpose has become the center of Robert Schwartz’s work and not just because he has written two books on the topic. 

Whether or not you believe in reincarnation or that our soul’s live forever, when you feel divine love from your own soul or someone else’s, there’s a part of you that blows wide open and embraces it. When that happens, your life is never the same again.

It’s not that unusual to have past life conversations in “new age” northern California or San Francisco where we now live, but in the midwest?

“You hail from where?” I found myself blurting out loud when Rob told me that he grew up in Cleveland during a Skype interview this Spring.

Indeed, Robert Schwartz spent his childhood in Ohio with a reformed Jewish family who only went to service on high holidays and yet years later, he’s a renowned author and teacher of the world of pre-birth planning, our soul’s journey and something known as Between Lives Soul Regression. Rest assured, Spirit touches people in profound ways and absolutely everywhere.

So, if you feel as if you have a unique gift and live somewhere your views may be a bit progressive or not accepted, have faith and keep marching forward. For some reason, you chose to be wherever you are at this time and the reason may not currently be known, but one day, it will present itself.

In Between Soul’s Regression

So, what exactly is your Soul’s Plan and Between Soul’s Regression? And, what is pre-birth planning? Those on a spiritual path for awhile now likely have been exposed to the notion that we do indeed plan what our soul needs to learn in each life, so this may not be new.

But, did you realize that you can get trained and certified as a Past Life Soul Regression and a Between Lives Soul Regression Therapist? This is precisely what Robert Schwartz set out to do many years ago when he had his own awakening.

Robert Schwartz

Robert Schwartz in Peru

His ‘aha’  moment came in the early 2000’s when he realized that all souls are primarily based on one thing: unconditional love. And from that place, our Soul’s Plan is based on unconditional love.

It was an early experience at a Chicago ION’s Chapter meeting, where he met someone who had an ability to trance and channel her own soul. What was conveyed at the time over 15 hours, was her life’s purpose, and this served as a foundation for his work. When Robert’s first book came out, “Your Soul’s Gift” in 2007, people began to reach out to him to ask for their plan — how do we know?

After all, doesn’t everyone want to know what their purpose is? Many are blessed with knowing, even from an early age, but that’s not the case for all souls encased in a human body living day in and day out on the Earth plain. For some, it’s a painful experience and far from anything they’d call joy.

So, how does this process work, I wondered. Rob began to explain to me how people receive information before we started an In Between Live’s Transgression session I did with him in June. (there was a few month waiting list). Says Rob:

“People get information in many ways — some come as words, feelings and emotions, or other times, it will come as a knowing without knowing why. Like an instantaneous download of knowing the answer.”

Okay, so he’s talking about Cognizance I thought, something I am very familiar with, because it’s a spiritual gift I have always had. It should be no surprise then that some of my downloads were in the form of knowing, but I did have visuals too and they were very real, beyond what I would call my imagination.

My Experience with Robert Schwartz

We had our session via Skype but he doesn’t need to see you or be with you physically at all. It can easily be done via phone and is how he does most of his work. Rob began to prepare me for our several hour experience together.

“Relax and be open to surrendering,” he said quietly and softly. I found myself getting more and more antsy as I realized that I would have to relax in order to go into a hypnotic like state.  

Truth be told, while some may worry about being in a hypnotic state, I had no fear about it at all — my fear was whether I could be quiet and still long enough to surrender. I also knew that surrendering was key to having a more powerful experience.

I had to let go, which is hard.

“Be open to receive and be open to what comes up — this is a choice,” he continued. He told me not to analyze or judge it but just to allow whatever comes up to flow. There is no right or wrong, he explained, but whatever comes up is “right” for me, whether it’s visuals or words from my Council of Elders (he calls them) or it may come up as feelings.

He asserts that the impressions people get from the non-physical realm will feel like our imaginations, because that’s the only way our human brain can rationalize it and explain it in a way that makes sense to us.

Some of the introduction with Rob was not unlike some of the words and insights from spiritual teachers you may have worked with — for example, a great mantra I received from a spiritual healer and astrologist recently was around having faith and trusting. It goes something like this: I trust that I will be guided today and protected. The universe will provide everything I need when I need it – I know I am blessed.”

Not a bad intention mantra to say at the start of your day right? Rob introduced a similar sentiment into the equation before we began as well. “Trust and believe that everything is coming from Spirit,” he said.

“The size of the funnel is open to your own intention. Trust that it’s the right one. Trust that Spirit is giving you the information you most need right now.”

Ahhh yes, the information would come through in a myriad of ways through a funnel of sorts. I could almost imagine this and suddenly I realized, I was imagining this, or was I? Was it my Soul seeing and knowing the answers as Spirit pushed them through from the Other Side.

Robert Schwartz Funnel In between souls transgression

Almost as if I was in a lucid dream state, I had visuals of what I thought was me in a past life as well as other random images hitting me as if in a scroll or movie in my mind.

There were stars, moons, smiles, animals, laughter. There were spirits talking with hoods (My Council of Elders?), and there were flashbacks in time, although it wasn’t clear just what time period it was.

I was back to a past life, not necessarily a joyous one, but certainly one of important learning. Horses were my “go to” at the time to source my sense of purpose, freedom and individuality and I was living with an abusive father on a farm.

Many times, Spirit shows us a past life it there’s relevance to something we may be repeating or need to learn in this lifetime. They may also show you a time when you were strong and powerful when you’re going through a time where you feel weak and unworthy.

I had a brother who later got hurt from a machine at work and fell in love with a man I would never marry because the community wouldn’t “accept it.” Between the ridicule for standing on my own feet at a time when it was rare for women to do so and the rejection from others in the community, I often retreated.

If you’re one of those people who like to beat your own drum and do so loudly, chances are you’ve been a strong soul who went against the grain before. In other words, it’s not your first rodeo on Earth or at least in a physical form, where you are learning a lesson or series of lessons.

The experience for me was relaxing and peaceful but also a little draining but I feel that this is largely because I allowed my mind to get in the way — you know, over analyze what it means and why Spirit was showing it to me. If this happens for you, just surrender, let go and trust that the visuals, words or knowing-ness is simply enough.

Robert Schwartz Today

Even though his popularity grew following the launch of his first book, he initially sent people to mediums when they asked him about their Soul’s Purpose. He decided to become trained as a therapist who could take people back in time with help of Spirit to access information that would be useful to them on their Soul’s Journey.

Michael Newton pioneered the LBL (Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy) technique back in 1990 and you can train to become an LBL therapist through the Newton Institute.

This is the foundation for the work that Robert Schwartz and others do with people during a Between Lives Regression session.  Michael Newton’s career spans a 35 year period where he explored the afterlife through the eyes of his clients and friends —  7,000 souls.

And so, is it popular? Accepted? Does it work?

I’m a firm believer that in any spiritual work, both sides must have the courage and faith to believe that Spirit is helping guide you on your path in whatever way that may come, whether it be through hands-on healing, astrology, mediumship, hypnotherapy or antoher vehicle.

Nothing of course should replace advice that you get from a doctor or healthcare practitioner, but I’d argue that doing “soul” work is as vital as other musts in your life, like exercise and a great diet. All must be balanced and in harmony and feeding your soul is an integral and important part of it.

“Everyone’s experience with this form of therapy differs,” says Rob. Personally I believe that the trick is to surrender, trust and know that you are guided. While I can’t confirm this as I’m only basing my opinion on my personal experience with Robert Schwartz and LBL, I feel that the more you open up, the more powerful the experience will be.

So Why Do It?

If you feel out of alignment or if you’re going through a transition, then this may be a good time to experiment with LBL. After all, each experience we have contributes to the wealth and depth of a life long learning process.

Robert Schwartz

Your Soul’s Gift by Robert Schwartz. Do we and if so, to what degree do we plan our lives before we are born?

Rob feels that his books (The Soul’s Gift came out in 2012) are of interest to a portion of the public who wouldn’t normally read something like this.

We also talked about the awakening process for people and how it seems as if more and more people are having unusual spiritual experiences, often “out-of-the-blue.”

It is certainly a time for healing on the planet, whether you’re aware of that awakening (and therefore healing) or not.

New “people” are also coming in at earlier ages, like crystal children or who many refer to as Indigo children. Many of these kids have more pre-birth memories than perhaps we’ve ever seen before on Earth.

“Down the road,” says Rob, “children may come in with full memory of their life plan and purpose.” 

Rob has actually talked with children who remember choosing their parents.  Some of you may be thinking, “really? there’s no way I would have chosen these individuals.” Humor aside, our choices in the spiritual realm (pre-birth) and on the Earth plane, all have a purpose to help our soul learn, heal and ignite.

During some LBL sessions, he has also been told that people recall a previous life as an aquatic animal or that they spent time on an Aquatic planet (some refer to as the Blue Planet). During his 4-5 day workshops, he may guide people back to a time when they lived on a different planet.

He asserts that it becomes possible for people to do whatever or create whatever through consciously seeing it or feeling it.

“Consciousness creates through Belief!”

Our belief systems can weigh us down and hold us back. It may be more useful to believe that other things outside what our brain can wrap itself around, IS possible.  Robert Schwartz Your Souls Plan

By shifting our energy and focus to something positive and nurturing for our soul, a whole new possibility of possibilities emerge.

I am always curious who inspires people on their own path so I asked Rob who it was for him. I loved his answer because both individuals he brought up were highly influential in his life because they have been his teachers of unconditional love: his Aunt Mary and his wife. Hear hear.

Rob says that his mission is to bring healing information about pre-birth planning to as many people as possible. He is able to set up a workshop anywhere so if of interest, he asks you to contact him to set something up in your town or city.

Additionally, Robert Schwartz does private sessions, one-evening (two-hour) talks and half-day (four-hour) group regressions. For those in the Bay Area, he will be doing a workshop on September 15 at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco.

Be sure to visit his website for more information on Rob’s work as well as the events he will be around the country. His email is available on his website.


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