Pamela Kribbe Has Channeled Jeshua for 16 Years

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Given the number of energies which have come through in our interviews with other spiritual mediums and healers as well as in our daily life, I was more than a just a little bit curious about Pamela Kribbe, a woman who has spent the last 16 years channeling the words of Jeshua, the man who once walked the Earth over 2,000 years ago and has been turned into a focus point of “worship” for many Christian religions ever since.

Hailing from Tilburg Holland, Dutch native Pamela Kribbe has a website that offers spiritual messages about inner growth, the Christ energy, lightworkers, the new earth, and the transition from ego-based to heart-based consciousness. 

These messages have been received from an inner connection with “Jeshua ben Joseph” which is the original Aramaic name for Jesus, the personification of the Christ energy on earth. 

Pamela Kribbe

According to Pamela, in these channelings, “he” presents himself as Jeshua, a brother and friend to us rather than the deified authority that tradition made out of him. She asserts that his energy is still available to us, not so much as a fixed set of ideas or rules but as a pointer, showing us the way to the Christ within. Truth be told, this is our experience with channeling the “Other Side” as well.

Behind the Scenes with Pamela Kribbe

About as humble as it gets, Pamela Kribbe casually responded to my email asking if she’d be willing to work with us on some questions we had for Jeshua, which were categorically historical in nature (about his life as a man) and relative to our own Soul’s Path and Journey, as this is a an integral part of our work at Blue Soul Media.

Her work is legit and grounded at least from our experience working with her.  She comes across as both warm and deeply committed to her work ….and without a hidden agenda.

Pamela has done workshops in China, Europe, Egypt and beyond and her work has been translated into multiple languages.

Pamela Kribbe in Egypt

Pamela Kribbe in Egypt

When I asked her what it was like for her (and her husband Gerrit) in the early days of channeling, she said that although she had a “knowingness” that it was true, there was also a lot of disbelief.

They spent about a year quietly connecting with friends about their channeled messages so she didn’t start publishing anything until 2003 and even then, it wasn’t very public or known. She said at the time:

“I still had told no one about my connection with Jeshua, being afraid of ridicule and disbelief. It seemed quite impossible to me to say the words: ‘I am channeling Jeshua’ out loud to anyone. There was this skeptical philosopher lingering in the back of my mind, explaining to me I was about to have myself declared insane, confused, pretentious, etc.”

Even after she went public with her channeling, she felt great resistance despite knowing it was the “right thing to do.” That said, it took awhile before she felt truly comfortable channeling in public and always had Gerrit by her side, which was very grounding for her.

Pamela Kribbe Today

Today, she writes, speaks, gives workshops, private sessions and more. Like so many of us on a spiritual path, we fear there will be a ‘public hanging‘ of sorts and when it doesn’t occur, we feel optimistic and hopeful that we can move forward until we hit the first skeptic.

And then, fear starts all over again.

I am speaking for myself but also for others who have chosen a life of spirituality and connection, or direct channeling. Perhaps having backgrounds in science, education or some other profession that would ridicule their experiences, always took a front seat.

With five books out which include channeling by Mary Magdalene, her work has become more accepted by people in the spiritual world.

She hasn‘t been “hung” and in fact, the opposite has been the case and not just in the Netherlands. She is invited to speak around the world and is spending more and more time in Egypt exploring ancient sites where she feels a close connection to the world beyond what we can see with the human eye.  She says:

“Sacred land transcends all else.  Soul recognition transcends cultures.”

This is about as true as it gets and those of you who meet ancient souls know this inherent truth. You might think, “wow, I feel as if I’ve known her for my whole life.” When that happens, chances are that you’ve known her or him for countless lifetimes.

Pamela Kribbe

Pamela Kribbe during a Skype session with me in July

Soul recognition is very real and transformative for it gets us out of our physical bodies where and when the real magic happens.

Like me, she feels we have disconnected from ancient learning and wisdom in the west.

Whenever I’m in Africa, I feel a much deeper sense of knowing when I spend time on the land than anywhere in the west.

People who haven‘t spent time there don‘t know or understand this, but for people who are present and open, places like South Africa, Egypt, Israel, Peru, Greece, China, Japan and other destinations with ancient soil and deep rooted history just blow you wide open.

This happened for Pamela in places countries like China and Egypt of course and it should be no surprise. “It’s much less mental when you’re in earth energy places like Africa,” she says.

Yet, how do you explain that to someone who is not yet awake?

She said to me in our interview, “when she is channeling Jeshua, her normal thinking is gone and she‘s more like a vessel for his energy and voice to come through.” Because of that, she feels very vulnerable when she channels and is one reason why her husband has always been around during channeling sessions.

Pamela asserts that when Jeshua first came through, He felt much more ‘grounding’ than other spiritual energy and also a bit more serious.

She says that it‘s almost as if there‘s a sense of urgency when His energy comes through, mostly due to his concern for humanity and the environment. In other words, “Earth is suffering and needs help.”

Hear hear.

Observations & Insights

The truth is that when you start a new life — one led by Spirit and Light that is — you need to face your fears… know, those dark shadows and demons which lurk beneath the surface. For those who don’t, abruptions, fear, anger and more continue to surface until you deal with those demons. This happens for all humans, whether they‘re asleep or awake. It’s part of the human condition.

Often, the hidden dragon is for those on a spiritual path who have had an initial “awakening” and suddenly feel as if they‘re all knowing because of a direct connection to the “Other Side,” when the truth is that they‘re merely at the beginning of their journey.

Ego always seems to rise just when you feel like you’ve conquered it. Being humble and turning to love is always the answer when you’re uncertain.

Pamela Kribbe, Jeshua & Our Questions

And so, we had some questions….about Jeshua’s life and also about our own Soul’s Journey.

Although she was already in a trance-like state and channeling Jeshua’s energy, she/He started with Anthony and I’s connection right away, sensing and seeing our Solar Plexus interwoven, with light flowing back and forth between us, which is very similar to what our Spirit Guides have told us.

Then, she seemed perplexed and randomly suggested that I tap into pink and sage green in order to relax more which very well may explain why I’ve been so drawn to Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine lately. The Solar Plexus is all about letting go but also about our inner strength and inner knowing.

She/He continued talking about my path in this lifetime, “the urge and desire that you have to care for people can be too strong at times and you tend to take on and manage too much.”

Jeshua showed her a past life of mine where I was a man and particularly sensitive. With many past lives, some information comes through but it’s not always as in-depth as it was in this case.

She/He kept speaking however as Jeshua continued to show her this past life of mine. In this particular life, I could perceive energies of animals and nature and was apparently trained in ritual functions and temples. And, because I was so passionate about what I was doing and feeling, people were afraid of me.

Pamela continued, “you had ways to heal people which was miraculous and strong — your awareness was far ahead of the community where you lived. You cared for common people but the politicians in this particular community threatened you, so you retreated. When you died, you took pain, disillusionment and rejection with you.”

Then she said, “Disconnect when your energies are not understood.” I couldn’t help but wonder how many lifetimes my energy was too strong for those around me and how many I repeated the same patterns over and over again. All of us have perhaps. Pamela Kribbe Yeshua and Mary Magdalene

More words from Jeshua about this lifetime, “you will be guided to where people will welcome you and your caring energy & it will be okay.”

Receive pink and green more, she/He repeated. “Take care of your needs as human beings more.” By human beings, I knew she/He was referring to both Anthony and I.

I then asked if I was a Shaman Healer which keeps coming up in past life readings over and over again. Jeshua said yes quite quickly….“many times but always a healer and already a healer in this lifetime too.” Jeshua tells me to “respect my own energy and protect myself – don’t give too much and have better boundaries.” Alas, the boundary thing again. How ironic that type A personalities always get this advice, don’t they?

Jeshua on Love & the Soul

Then I wanted to move to love and the Soul. After all, you could say that Chris Consciousness or Universal Love energy is what moved through Jeshua at a time of superstition and hierarchies and yet there were “hidden healers & channelers” all over the world, mostly women of course. They were all tapping into the power of Spirit through the Earth and the power of all things natural and real. And, they were killed for those gifts, sometimes by men of power and sometimes by the Church.

Like so many channeled messages I have received, Jeshua went onto to talk about love and the Soul’s Journey as it relates to Our Purpose.

“What really helps people forward is the energy of love, empathy of truly being seen by someone else, showing compassion and empowering them at this level.” — Jeshua

Pamela Kribbe

Pamela Kribbe

As for other questions we had for Jeshua, see my Q&A in a separate article where we talk more about love, connection, the Soul’s Purpose and his life as a man so many moons ago. 

At the end of the channeling, I was really touched at the way Pamela connected with Jeshua’s energy and how she thanked him with gratitude for sharing “His” knowledge and energy for purposes of Higher Good.

It appears to be a Universal Law in the Spirit world and gratitude has great meaning there as does love, the most important “glue of the universe.”

Books by Pamela Kribbe

She has a number of books, however the two we currently have in to read and review are one of her most renowned ones, The Jeshua Channelings and The Forbidden Female Speaks.

In The Forbidden Female Speaks, Pamela channels information from Mary Magdalene who was considered “the forbidden female” in the Christian tradition: wild, free and sinful.  

In the book, Mary Magdalene says (via Pamela), the female energy is connected to feeling, intuition and the heart. 

Pamela Kribbe is most known for channeling Jeshua over many years. Her book The Jeshua Channelings are a series of spiritual messages about the transformation of consciousness in the present era.

In other words, humanity is growing towards a heart-based consciousness, acknowledging the oneness of all that lives and letting go of fear-based ways of thinking and living.

Jeshua’s messages shed light on our soul history and destination and also deal with everyday issues we all face like relationships, health, work and beyond.

For more about Pamela Kribbe and her world, visit her website, which has her bio, information about her books and how to order as well as free channelings where you can learn more about the world of Jeshua and beyond.


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