Handmade Paper Prints by Barloga

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It’s no secret that we love feathers – our sister brand Blue Soul Earth even has a feather in its logo and so, when we came across the work of Barloga Studios, we couldn’t be more excited. Not only does this wonderful father and son team “create” magic on handmade paper, but their style and design exudes talent, authenticity and quality. They also embrace nature and art in a creative way.

feathers Barloga Studios

Above and below, some of our favorite feather offerings from Barloga Studios.

Barloga Studios feathers

The above image shows how you can also opt to get a tri-age effect with any of their work. We love the effect!!

Because of our interest in feathers, Roy (part of the Dennis and Roy Barloga son and father team) sent us a couple of feather images on beautiful handmade paper to test out. And, if you’re not into feathers, they offer so many other options to choose from, broken out in a unique categorization of Earth, Sea, Land, Air, Animals and so on. From colorful butterflies and jellyfish to nautical knots, dragons, spoons and succulents, you’ll find something to entice you in their collection.

Barloga Studios feathers sea

Above, some of their offerings “from the sea.” Below, you will get an idea of some of their work framed in a variety of different kind of options you can choose from.

One of the things we love about their offerings is that you can choose the type of paper, the size and how you would like to “frame it.” From more traditional framing options (under glass) to more simple accessories, they’ve got you covered. For example, you could choose a frameless leather or steel option — we went with a frameless wood option and even here, you have different colors to choose from as well. (see butterfly image below as one example)

This duo isn’t new to the artisan scene however. In fact, their work has been around for more than twenty years. Dennis is best known for his unmatched portfolio of color photographs that depict old world Europe.  Roy initially specialized in infrared photographs and is best known for his series of “trilogies” that span a wide variety of subjects (see feathers above).

The process? They use a combination of handmade paper, film, wood and fabric in their creations. Of course their work has cultural connections as well. In Japan, they are known for their unique specialty paper and of course in the Himalayas, Nepalese artisans combine a traditional process of ancient papermaking with modern fashion and style.

They use handmade paper from the bark of the Daphne plant by women’s cooperatives in Nepal (bravo!!). The paper is handmade using a combination of local raw materials, simple technology and ancient skills. Although we have only experienced two pieces of their magical artwork so far, apparently each piece of paper is unique with slight variations in color, thickness, size and shape.

The quality and attention to detail behind their work is gratifying to say the least — we were thrilled with their finished “product” and have become huge fans of the creative magic they deliver. Distinctly one-of-a-kind, which is increasingly becoming harder to find, even in distant lands.

Based in northern California, you can learn more about their work on their website where you can also order handmade paper prints, images and framing accessories directly. As for our choices and what the combo looks like? Two thumbs up — we LOVE their work!  Take a look.

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