A Q&A Chat with Author & Teacher Susan Gregg

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We came across Susan Gregg’s latest book: Angels, Spirit Guides & Goddesses and were intrigued by how she channeled them and what her process was, from start to finish. This resulted in a Q&A with Susan over Skype about her retreats, her books and her life’s work.

Based in Hawaii, she has a retreat center there where she welcomes people to come study with her. First we started to chat about the book since I read it start to finish. She asserts that she “interviewed” all 200 entities in the original book, which was a longer version of Angels, Spirit Guides and Goddesses. The latter is a paired down version and a more digestible version if you like, especially if you want to get a taste of how the “spiritual energies” differ between ascended masters, goddesses and angels.

Susan Gregg’s Latest Book: Angels, Spirit Guides & Goddesses. Illustrated by Audra Auclair.

Enchanted by her style and her humor around each of her experiences, she smiled as she said, “the saints didn’t suffer in the way we thought they did.” She continued, “they were so connected with Spirit so they had a tremendous amount of love and compassion, even for those who tortured them.”

Susan Gregg interview

Above, Susan Gregg during our Skype call. Excuse the blurry effect from my iPhone but I wanted to capture her essence during our call. She’s really “oh so lovely!”

Susan Gregg on Her Childhood

It’s hard not to delve into childhood when you talk to a medium (and teacher) who can channel the Other Side. After all, I’m always curious: did they grow up religious? What were their formative years like?

Her parents were Lutheran and she grew up in Yonkers New York, not quite small town America. She even sang in the choir, but that didn’t mean she grew up extremely religious. I asked her: “did you have gifts as a child?”

Says Susan, “I was very tuned in. I would encounter a person who might not be telling the truth when I was a child and tell my mother about it — sometimes in front of them. This got me into trouble of course,” she added with a mischievous laugh. That said, that ‘intuitive gift’ also helped her while she wandered the streets of Yonkers. She said “it kept her safe.”

It sounds like she had a mischievous streak throughout her childhood, from getting kicked out of bible class to saying the wrong thing at the wrong time….often. She learned diversity from her grandmother who would try different religions. It appears that she inherited her grandmother’s opposing streak as well. With pride, she spoke of how her grandmother would get into arguments with ministers and priests.

Susan said she had always been a “dreamer.” She remembers telling her mother (to her dismay) that she came here to make a difference, to change the world. She referred to her childhood as more tumultuous than playful and easy. She was often depressed and suicidal but also knew that life could be different. She was fascinated by the word freedom and ultimately longed to know more about love.

After her mother died in a car accident, she jumped into the world of addiction and her world went seriously off course. She said that she made a series of disastrous business decisions and wound up losing everything. After she declared bankruptcy, got clean and sober, she packed all her belongings and her dog into her car and drove cross country. That’s when she met don Miguel Ruiz.

Susan’s Work with don Miguel Ruiz

We interviewed don Miguel Ruiz several months ago and curiously he came up during our discussion. While I had done a little research on Susan before our call, I didn’t know about her early work with him in the beginning of her spiritual career.

She not only studied with him but with his mother. The work of “collective consciousness” which is often the learning we get from our own spiritual team. You  know…that we are all one and connected and not just in this Universe.

She jokingly referred to some of her work at that time as Soul Slop and we both laughed. She says that don didn’t believe in the continuity of our soul. In the Toltec tradition she says, “they break up the world into the knowable and the unknowable.”

Her partner Beatrize performs something called “Egg Cleansings” during her retreats, something Susan learned from don Miguel Ruiz and Sarita. She recalls an earlier time when don performed one for two of her students. “It’s a powerful cleansing,” says Susan, who remains a fan of the practice.

On the Angels

Of the angels, I asked her which one surprised her the most and who she had the most fun with? She was quick to respond: Gabriel.

And so, we began to talk about angels. After all, a third of her latest book is made up of angel energy, insights, strengths and even useful invocations.

She said of Chamuel that the energy was “loving, light hearted and playful,” which is similar to how we experienced the energy when connecting on our own. “Like a child,” she added with a laugh.

Uriel is all about creativity she said. “One of his abilities is to translate nightmares ‘into a gift.”

I asked her about ministering angels and how they differ from archangels and other ‘types’ of angels.

Susan began to talk about the celestial realm and how many were — “so many,” she said. In other words, it extends so far beyond the more traditional ones we are aware of and ministering angels are part of that group.

Says Susan, “the angels are here to support you.” She often envisions them sitting on the edge of the bed and communicating with her at an “energetic level.”

Similar to our spirit guides you could say. “Sure they are associated with Judaism and Christianity,” she says, “but remember that religion is man made.”

She says that angels show up to those from all faiths in whatever interpretation you have of them. This has been our experience as well.

Archangel Uriel Susan Gregg

Archangel Uriel from Susan Gregg ‘s book: Angels, Spirit Guides and Goddesses

Because invocations are included for each master, angel and goddess, we talked about Uriel specifically. Uriel will apparently help you tap into your creativity and deepen your insights. A useful invocation in this case is: “help me create something better.” Then, hang a storyboard someplace where you’ll see it.”

What about the Saints?

I have so little experience with saints even though I attended a catholic school for three years. She spoke of Mother Mary as the compassionate “Divine Feminine”, there for women.

Mother Mary Susan Gregg

Mary from Susan Gregg ‘s book Angels, Spirit Guides and Goddesses.

The images from the most recent book are vibrant and modernized. Susan began to show me some images from the first book (which housed ‘interviews’ with 200) and how the first book was much more traditional, especially the artwork used. For example, look at the lower right image below and you’ll see a much more classic picture of Mother Mary, perhaps how so many of us grew up thinking of her energy.

Susan Gregg: Angels, Spirit Guides & Goddesses

Susan Gregg shows me the images of some of the angels and masters from her earlier book: Encyclopedia of Angels, in which they were portrayed much more traditionally than the more modern version of Angels, Spirit Guides & Goddesses

Saints in her life? She says she has statues of Saint Francis on her property on the Big Island. I guess she’s a fan of Francis as well as Padre Pio, who only died in 1968. “He was about energy healing,” she tells me and he had the ability to levitate and bio-locate. “He was also about forgiveness, embracing love and letting go.” Hear hear — we all need to embrace forgiveness more in our daily lives.

I had to ask about Morgan La Fay because Anthony channels her energy all the time. Now onto our favorite topic: Goddesses!

Goddesses & Deities

There are a lot of goddesses and deities in the book and Morgan La Fay is only one of them in a long list, as are energies like Shiva, Isis, Venus, Shakti, Krishna, Lakshmi, Ganesha, Sophia, Ishtar, Kwan Yin, Athena, Aphrodite, Pele, Lilinoe, Sarasvati and others.

As you can see, many cultures are represented from the names listed; South American, Hawaiian, Peruvian, African, Celtic, the list goes on. Morgan La Fay is associated with Celtic culture and she can apparently help you unearth your hidden desires and heal a sick child among other things. We often get her energy when we are going into past lives and dealing with darkness and light, for she represents both, as well as death, birth and rebirth.

While she is known as an “evil enchantress, a fairy and a goddess,” she is also associated with witchcraft from the times of old, so many healers in this lifetime may have a connection to her energy, as they’ve been healers in past lives. Remember that women healers from darker times were deemed witches and many killed by the Catholic Church. In this book, she is said to also have shape-shifting capabilities.

Says Susan of  Morgan la Fay, “she wasn’t just a witch — she was a pure Goddess. She’s very powerful but when you surrender to her energy, she can be very loving.” Ultimately, Susan adds, “many of these Goddesses are also mother energy who are there for love and healing.”

Krishna (associated with Hinduism) is all about grace, abundance and wisdom. Krishna’s energy is designed to help you create harmony, find a soul mate, bless your home, experience joy and fill your life with peace and laughter.

Krishna Susan Gregg

Krishna from Susan Gregg ‘s book Angels, Spirit Guides & Goddesses

We spent a little time on Pele as well who is the Goddess energy from Hawaii, where Susan lives now. Pele is Goddess of the Volcano and here, there’s also both light and dark. Love and evil. “Sometimes you have to kick some but to move forward and you need that darkness to get you through.” Even though Susan lost her home to fire when she was younger, she still loves it. Even embraces it. I asked her if she had to let some of that trauma go first? “Not really,” she says. “Why?” I asked. Her answer was quite simple.

“Our lives as we know them will go away. We are eternal and our spirit will continue on.”

Susan Gregg

Susan Gregg

Susan says we need to get beyond duality of good and evil and simply focus on LOVE. “Only love is real,” and certainly this isn’t the first spiritual teacher to quote an oldie but alas, the truth.

“Remember, that even darkness reflects light”, says Susan.” When she used to work with past life regression many years ago, she said that while it was useful, she found that more often than not, it just gave her clients another ‘story’ which didn’t move them forward.

“Even Darkness Reflects Light.”

Susan believes deep in her soul, that when you learn to look at the world through the eyes of love you can gently let go of your fears and in the process your life is totally transformed. Suffering of any kind becomes totally unnecessary.

“Love transforms everything.”

This is what she hopes to help people do with her work. She wants people to see life from a place of “what is possible” instead of “what if.” She wants people to feel good about dreaming big.

Susan Gregg in Hawaii

Susan’s Retreat Center on the Big Island

I have always been a fan of the Big Island so wanted to learn a bit more about her retreat center. She has orange and avocado trees and statues of saints and goddesses throughout her property. “It’s big sky country,” she says. One area where people can stay opens up to the sky — the goal? To look up at the stars often, day or night. She says that the Big Island is the “heart chakra” of the planet.

This brought us to Gaia and Mother Earth energy, the environment and her connection to the land. Says Susan, “I always connected to native American energy. It’s strong Mother Energy, especially White Buffalo Woman” who apparently she also channeled.

As part of her strong connection to the Earth, she has expanded her property so that people can feel the magic of what nature has to offer. Between the love from Smokey her dog and her 80 free range chickens, the fruit trees and orchards she has grown, you’ll get connected to so much of what’s missing in the rest of the western world. She even has pigs.

“So, what do people do at one of your retreats?” I asked. Susan says, “many things, but I have people marry themselves in Spirit. They walk the Labrynth. I also work with archetypes, similar to the work that Carolyn Myss does. I use animal cards with people as well as oracle cards. I open them up. I focus on love.”

Since she first moved there with only four suitcases and $800 to her name, she now has acres of trees, orchards, animals and more. “It’s magical to walk through my jungle,” she says with a laugh.

Her personal mission for herself and others she teaches is to achieve personal freedom by seeing life through the eyes of love and in the process, release all fear.

She loves watching people’s lives change and hearing the excitement and joy in their voices.

While she considers Hawaii to be one of the most healing places on Earth, she asserts that real healing happens from within.  She loves creating guided meditations, recording podcasts and helping people let go of all of their limiting thinking. She says, “living a life of truth and love is as good as it gets.”

When she wrote her last book, she said she was immersed in plants. Plants and nature are part of connecting to what’s real. And what is real for her?

Love for the most part. As our spirit team so often reminds us, love is the most powerful force in the Universe and beyond.

Susan adds towards the end of our time together: “There’s so much more than we can see with our physical eyes. The Spirits are real and there to help us,” referring to the ascended masters, the angels, (ministering, archangels and helpers), the Goddesses, the powerful Deities and of course, our guides who come in many forms.

“They’re all there to help us on our journey, but we need to be open to them.” She says, “we co-exist but we’re just on different energy plains. But they’re all here with us.”

Open to the other realms Susan definitely is and love is what drives her.

I am.

You are.

We are.

We are all connected on this magical journey called life. Embrace it. Let gratitude be your friend. And, most importantly, let love pave the way.

You can order her latest book Angels, Spirit Guides & Goddesses, as well as others over on Amazon. And, for more information on Susan Gregg and her latest work, events and beyond, visit her website.

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