A Quiet But Visual Thursday in Tokyo

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Morning milk delivery…

Milk delivery in Tokyo

Should be an odd number…


Have you seen my monkey?

Have you seen my monkey?

I wonder what this will become…

Empty Parking Lot

Daily…multiple times.

Starbucks in TokyoStarbucks in Tokyo

Time for a short walk…

Flower in TokyoNo BikesMore flowers

Nice thought…but not sure it powers much

Solar Power

I wonder how the blind people know it is there…

Blind CrossingFlowersDragonSign in TokyoLantern in Tokyo

The only one without an umbrella when it starts pouring…

RainingClean up after your dogsTokyoTokyo Ambulance #91446


ChoicesNo Entrance

This is Tokyo…did they forget to paint the red circle around it and the line through it?


Party OK…


‘The Phone’…

The PhonePolice

Another one…this place is strange.

Bike ParkingA waiting Taxi

Japanese Word of the Day:  てるてるぼうず – teruterubouzu  – Stop Raining Wish

example: 今日、てるてるぼうずをまどにかざりました。


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