Los Cabos: A Little Luxury, A Lot of Adventure


This past week I headed to Mexico for a few days of relaxation at Barceló Los Cabos Palace Deluxe. Although I’m usually more of a budget traveler, there’s nothing wrong with a little walk on the luxurious side. When I first walked into my hotel room, I was worried that I’d never make it to the ocean. But once I saw the view from my balcony, there was very little holding me back from running down and jumping in the ocean.

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Here are my top highlights from my trip to Los Cabos:

Spa and Massage:

It’s actually been a few years since I had a decent massage, so I was more then thrilled to have a 50-minute massage at the hotel spa. Before the treatment began, I spent some time prepping by going inside their private mixed sauna and steam room, swimming pool and jacuzzi. When our treatment was over, I lazily slumped down on the cushioned couches in an adjoining room, where tea and coffee are served. The only thing that might have made this experience better was if I were able to get another treatment on my last day, especially after all the excursions I packed into my five-day trip.

3 1024x764 Highlights from Los Cabos

Horseback Riding: Ranch and Beach:

I decided to do some digging around and managed to find Carisuva, a local tour company offering horseback rides, ranch walks and hiking tours. From Los Cabos, the drive to our starting point took roughly 40 minutes but it was well-worth the wait. The ranch is remote, meaning that our trek through the cactus fields and along the beach was intimate and uniquely rewarding. It’s been a few years since I seriously rode a horse, and these horses were not messing around. As soon as they hit the beach they all broke into a gallop, giving me an adrenaline rush while simultaneously scaring the crap out of me. In many ways, this made the trip.

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Snorkeling and Kayaking in the Sea of Cortez:

The last time I was in Mexico (a whole six hours total), I took a stab at snorkeling. After making it into the water and searching for fish, I came out completely defeated only to hear the lifeguard tell me that I was swimming in the wrong area. This time, however, things were very different. After a breathtaking boat ride through Cabo San Lucas, we snorkeled in Playa Chileno where we saw various species of fish and coral. After a swim, a few of us went kayaking through the water, giving us an up-close and personal view of the local pelicans.

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Dolphin Swim:

If any of you knew me when I was five years old, you would understand what this experience meant to me. For so many years, my sole dream in life was to be a marine mammal trainer like the ones I saw at Sea World. At one point I even bought a book online about how to make it into the business. When the Sales Manager of Cabo Adventures told me there was one slot available for the Dolphin Swim, I literally jumped out of my seat. Our dolphin was named Nacho, and he was the alpha male of the twelve other dolphins at the center. After giving me a ride on his tail, we had a little make-out session and he invited me to visit again….well not really, but I’m sure he’d be ok with that!

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Megan McDonough
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