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I’ve been posting up a lot of fashion films lately, but I think this one might be my favourite so far. Whilst most explorations of the medium have taken on the form of an art film – set to music, with no dialogue but lots of delish visuals – Markus Lupfer has taken the fashion film one step further by creating a light-hearted mockumentary style clip to promote his Resort 2012 collection.

The collection itself is looking good – knitted dresses and stripe detailing in greys, mustards and emerald greens. The early sixties aesthetic of the clothes is complemented by lashings of mid-century inspired graphics (this in itself is enough to make me swoon). Topped off with a star-studded cast (Sadie Frost and Florence Welch both appear) and a dark sense of humor, Lupfer’s film really brings the collection to life.

I have to confess. I also enjoy this film because it begs the inevitable question ‘which Lupfer girl am I?’ making me feel like I’m fourteen and posting up quiz results to my MySpace page again.
And which one am I?

Undoubtedly Valentine.

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