Five Sunsets, Five Memories, Five Golden Skies

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Some of my best travel memories are captured in these five photos. I love a good sunset, as I’m sure we all do and photography is one of my favorite ways to freeze a moment in time.

Watching the Sun Not Set in Sodankylä, Finland 

Below is Sodankylä for their famous Midnight Sun Film Festival where I snapped this photo at about  5am. The midnight sun threw me for a loop, especially up north where the sun literally doesn’t set.


Falling in Love in Santa Cruz, Chile

Let’s be honest here, I was already head over heels for Diego about five minutes into our first date but traveling together for a month in Chile and Argentina certainly helped matters. After our plans to ski fell through because I was sick, we decided to take a trip from Santiago to Santa Cruz to tour a vineyard. It was only about a two hour drive and it was fun sharing a car with a local Chilean and a girl from London who decided she would make Chile her new home. After touring the winery and surrounding grounds, we saw this gorgeous view.


Taking Time to Myself in Sarasota, Florida

Sometimes you just need a break and on media trips, that is not always a given. Luckily, my weekend trip to Sarasota was a perfect mix of culture and leisure. On my last afternoon in town, I took the five minute bus ride from the Ritz Carlton to their private beach & pool area. I was surrounded by a bunch of empty lounge chairs, which gave me the perception that I was all alone on a secluded island. I took a walk on the beach and then headed toward the pool chairs where I watched the sun set over the vibrant green palm trees.


Channeling my Creative Side in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

There must have been something in the Dominican air that really sparked my creative side. It’s not to say that I’m not creative in my everyday like because that couldn’t be further from the truth. But, in the months leading up to my trip this past September, I had been experiencing what I like to call “writer’s block.” I had been producing so many blog posts, online roundups and witty print magazine pieces that I was starting to slip away from the writing I live most – creative, fiction writing. The Punta Cana sun changed all that and I started writing again.


Feeling Fabulous in Berlin

I really did feel fabulous in Berlin, and I even wrote a post about it. On this particular day I had the pleasure of having Henrik as a tour guide and wow, he sure went above and beyond the call of duty. During his tour I met local gallery owners who chatted with me about their latest exhibits, drank a beer on one of Berlin’s man-made urban beaches and snagged a pair of ic! Berlin sunglasses. This photo was actually taken on the rooftop of their warehouse & offices. Henrik, the ic! Berlin rep and I decided to spend the evening sipping cocktails.


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