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Social Commerce isn’t just for big brands. Facebook commerce or f-commerce can help any size business sell more and monetize their fan based. And big companies can learn from what smaller brands are doing.
Ettitude is using Facebook commerce to provide a range of premium and unique eco-friendly products in a quick, convenient, online shopping environment. Because they have such a compelling store, it is a natural for people wanting to share this among their social graph.

Who heads up this great strategy? Green Entrepreneur, Chief Ettitude Officer and Social Media for Positive Social Change Enthusiast, Phoebe Yu

Ettitude is an Australia-based company that sells environmentally friendly products made from bamboo and organic cotton. Ettitude was founded on the simple idea that everyday products, such as clothing, bed linen, towels and stationery, could be made much more responsibly, and contribute to making the world a better place and at the same time, look good and are affordable. Their goal is to give people who care about their family and the earth the ability to easily adopt a greener, more socially responsible lifestyle.

When I was on the Ettitude website to do some research for this book, I was impressed with their use of their traditional website as a “Facebook sharing moment.” Here’s how this works: I was on the About Us page, Figure 1, and I went to highlight some words on the site and a widget popped up and enabled me to share what I highlighted with my Facebook connections.

Ettitude Option to Share Valuable Connect With Fan’s Social Networks








Figure 1

This is a brilliant word of mouth strategy to create awareness for the brand and because their marketing message is something people can get behind, i.e., being more socially responsible, the ability to share that website information may even translate into shopping cart dollars.

When you click on the Facebook icon, to share your highlighted information, it asks the customer to allow permission to connect to Facebook and post the share on my Facebook page.

Ettitude’s Click to Connect To Facbook To Post the Content

Fans Sharing On Facebook About What They Liked On Ettitude’s Website

The ability to allow your customers to find things they like about your company and post to their friends can be a very good PR and Marketing awareness tool. Especially for a company like Ettitude, that has a very share-able brand story around social and personal responsibility.

Phoebe was able to combine exciting content, promotions and contests has helped her online retail store Ettitude create a shopping domino effect that leverages peer–to–peer influence and drives home 10% Facebook purchases every month. She’s done this via:
• Making use of Facebook APIs to enhance the e–commerce offering
• Structuring the Facebook store and installing plug–ins to improve user
• Mirroring traditional e–commerce sites for ease and security
• Combining social campaigns with F–commerce to extract the maximum benefit

Here’s Ettitude’s Facebook Storefront:

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