MetroMarks: New Travel App to Discover Everything About Your Travel Destination


You’ll want to bookmark this site:, the best online travel companion! MetroMarks is the place to go when traveling to, or arriving in a city.

You can find a city’s weather, local news, movie times, events, blogs, maps of every kind, attractions, restaurants, hotels and shopping deals and much more literally in seconds – without even touching your keyboard!

The superb design gives all this to you at your fingertips with a few simple clicks, especially when you are mobile or using your tablet or iPad.

They provide:

1) Much more comprehensive city information

2) Much better quality information and

3) They serve it up way faster.

MetroMark’s even profiles all the social media streams in each city. This means you have– all in one place— a city’s videos, pictures and tweets. And you can ask a local for advice!

On the site, for each city, you can find out about hidden gems, interesting travel experiences or see great pictures of city skylines… And if you go there and see they are missing your city or an important resource or website in your area – You can make your mark because they want to know! And the team is very interested in feedback. Let’s say you are using MetroMarks as your homepage when traveling and find that you’d like to see something added to it, let them know!


On the MetroMarks blog, they aggregate the content for each city from their user base as well as the travel community.

You’ll be in the know and know where to go!

Natalie Petouhoff
Dr. Nat is a leading expert, often quoted in the press and provides commentary as a guest expert on radio and television on how the top companies provide great experiences and retain loyal customers. She also writes about technology, social media, mobile and products. Her research has been highlighted in cover stories in business publications like Business Week, New York Times and USA Today and she has given talks at leading events such as WOMMA, Forrester Consumer Forum, SOCAP, and more. Dr. Nat is the author of four business books on customer service, CRM and contact centers as well as author of dozens upon dozens of articles, white papers and research.
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