Bohemian Life in Images, 7 To Be Exact

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A few shots from my Bohemian Life:

Ireland: Since I am an official Irish Citizen, it was only a matter of time before making my way back home. Dublin, Cork, Galway, and Limerick were all memorable cities with extraordinarily friendly people but no trip to Ireland is complete without a kiss of the Blarney Stone. I stone two kisses so I hope that doesn’t count as cheating.

 Bohemian Life: 22 Countries in 25 Years

Italy: Many people visit Italy and I have yet to hear anything but positive reviews. Like everybody else, I had an amazing time in Italy although I need at least another month to see all there is to see and that probably still wouldn’t be enough time. I spent about two weeks traveling through Venice, Florence and Rome and had more wine, pasta, pizza and gelato than I care to remember. Venice was definitely my favorite simply because of it’s design of canals and bridges. I would go back in a heartbeat.

 Bohemian Life: 22 Countries in 25 Years

Belgium: As it turns out, Belgium is one of my favorite countries that I’ve been to so far. Traveling through Brussels, Bruges and Ghent were definite highlights and cities I would recommend for anyone heading to Europe. Brussels is designed to look like Paris and it definitely does but the streets are ten times cleaner. My favorite city was definitely Ghent because it was the most traditional. A trip to Belgium is not complete without tasting at least one of their famous Belgium waffels and sampling their chocolates.

Switzerland: Spending a few days in Zurich literally had me feeling like I was living in a Disney fairytale movie. I often call Zurich “Cinderella town” because it is so magical. I traveled here with my mom and could not help noticing that everyone here was madly in love, which made me feel a twinge of jealousy, but that only lasted a few seconds. We took a boat rode along Lake Zurich, wandered through the city streets and ate along the water. My most memorable view was from the top of the Ferris Wheel in the city center. With mountains behind you and the lake in front, it’s hard not to appreciate your surroundings.

 Bohemian Life: 22 Countries in 25 Years

Austria: Since I am both a Mozart and Sound of Music fan, I thought it was only appropriate that I visit Salzburg. The weather was cold and damp but that didn’t stop me from walking all the way up to the Fortress for a stunning view of mountains. I also enjoyed visiting the city’s quirky graveyard and walking in and out of the local stores. Just like it was hundreds of years ago, each shop has a metal sign hanging outside the door with an image depicting what they sell.

 Bohemian Life: 22 Countries in 25 Years

Turkey: Unfortunately I only spent one night in Turkey so I don’t have too many things to say other than it was time well spent. I had a night layover in Istanbul before heading back to New York and decided to book a hostel and explore as much as I could before hopping back on the plane. The Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque area absolutely magnificent at night and the dinner I ate in town was delicious.

Egypt: My first trip in 2011 was a two week tour through Egypt. Besides visiting the Great Pyramids of Giza and the famous Sphinx, I was able to go on a hot air balloon ride over Luxor, eat with a local Nubian family outside of Aswan, and sail on a traditional felucca boat for a day and night. Riding both a camel and a donkey were two new modes of transportation which I would willingly do again. Abu Simbel was an added excursion that was well worth the three hour bus ride.

DSCN3203 1024x768 Bohemian Life: 22 Countries in 25 Yearsmy donkey friend in Luxor

Mexico: The first time I went to Mexico was only for a few hours. As part of a cruise, we had a pit stop in Cozumel before heading back on the boat. My friend and I went on a short Mayan tour and spent the rest of the afternoon snorkeling, drinking margaritas and then drinking more free shots at Senor Frogs. This past October, I went to Los Cabos, San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas as part of a press trip. We went kayaking, horseback riding and I even swam with a dolphin, thus fulfilling a childhood dream.

IMG 6730 1024x768 Bohemian Life: 22 Countries in 25 Years

Peru: My first trip to South America took me straight to Cuzco, Peru. From there, my friend and I took the Machu Picchu train to Aguas Calientes, where we relaxed in the hot springs before waking up at 4 am to wait in line for tickets to climb Wayna Picchu. Seeing the Inca ruins up close and personal was a dream come true for me and an experience I’ll always remember. Before leaving Peru, I spent a day with friends at Ancon beach, located just outside of Lima. Despite a serious suburn and a jelly fish scare, sailing in the Peruvian waters on a yacht had me feeling pretty special.

IMG 0080 1024x764 Bohemian Life: 22 Countries in 25 YearsValparaiso, Chile

 Bohemian Life: 22 Countries in 25 Years
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