World Tap Water Week: 7 Shocking Tap Facts

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One in a series of posts celebrating the first annual World Tap Water Week at Green Thing.

Seven things that may likely lift your eyebrows whilst reading…

1. The most expensive bottle of water in the world costs $66,000. Don’t worry, proceeds go to a global warming charity. Allegedly.

2. Global annual bottled water sales are between $60-$80 BILLION. In America, more than 50% of bottled water comes from municipal supplies. People have sure paid a lot of money for something that is free.

3. Most bottled water contains more bacteria than tap.

4. Mariah Carey demands that her tea is made with Polish Spring water.

5. Every year, Berkeley Springs hosts the International Water Tasting Awards, where various tap waters are tasted and judged. This year’s winner is Hamilton, Ohio. *Note: although it is deemed an international contest, it appears that only North Americans ever win the title of World’s Best Tap Water.

6. It takes more than 400 years for a plastic bottle to decompose.

7. While the government of New York City was campaigning for residents to turn to their taps for water, the government spent $1.2 million on bottled water. Eck!

(This post is part of a series on Green Thing for World Tap Water Week. Find out more!)

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