Giving Your Car Some Juice with an Orange Peel

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Orange peels have been known to be a versatile type of food waste. Some people eat them; some use them to make tea to help with insomnia; and others turn them into useful tools, like juicers.

So it’s not with much surprise that orange peels are being tested as a new potential fuel item. Professor James Clark from York University has come up with a way of breaking down the molecules in fruit peels to release gases that could be converted into a liquid product. Picture a giant highly focused microwave-esque machine – kind of like Honey I Shrunk the Kids, but with orange peels.

In Brazil, the world’s largest producer of orange juice, over eight million tonnes of orange peels go to waste each year. Imagine if the peels could be put to use powering the juice factories? Or even converted into fuel for your car? It would most certainly smell nicer than petrol …

If you’re interested in knowing other unconventional ways to create fuel, check out the fizzy and the furious, a car powered by mentos and coca-cola and the Car-puccino, the coffee fueled car.

(Spotted on BBC)

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