Cuisine Standard and Alain Ducasse Formation

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When it comes to good food, it is important to consider every detail, putting ourselves into a constant awareness towards perfection. Simplicity  turned to art it is the way  how I describe the art of food, at least the one i’m trying to reach for. Every  bite must be surprising, it must create  feelings as music does, jumping form one chord to another, in harmony.
In this ” musical” experience,  the protagonists where fresh stuffed fish with calamary, chard and lemon, an anchovy and arugula pistou ,  and a variety of crunchy baby leafs, making this dish something fun to enjoy  with our five senses.
Almost one year ago I founded Cuisine Standard, a growing company who offers multiple solutions for the culinary world. One of our colaborateurs is ADF ( Alain Ducasse Formation ) we have done very interesting activities together , two events with plenty of success, where we shared a message from Alain Ducasse trough his cuisine, in the hands of Nicolas Navarro, one of the senior chefs of this first class company holding, Groupe Alain Ducasse, owned by one of the most successful chefs on earth. It is always an honor to work with them sharing knowledge, technique, and a message about life and conservation to future and professional cooks. In 2011 we will continue to offer this great events to the people of Ecuador and other countries in Latin America.
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