The Colada Morada, Served on the Finados Holiday

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This is my own version of a traditional Ecuadorian drink called colada morada, served on the ” finados ” holiday, that takes place at the beginning of November. This drink is made with purple corn flour, differentes types of berries, fruits, spices , herbs, and a red flower called sangoracha, where the black amaranth comes from.

A healthy drink, it is typically served hot  with a ” guagua de pan ” which are little doe dolls decorated with colors, it is a family activity to prepare it. I wanted to add some modernity to this delicious beverage, I called it Colada Morada’s Creme Brulee. I also replaced the “guagua de pan ” with a gold feuilletine bisquit. It had the shape of an Inca’s sun.


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