Sous Vide Cooking in Chef Georges Pralus Lab

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It is always nice to learn from my good friend, the Chef Georges Pralus, one of the most influent chefs in the world. He invented the Sous Vide 40 years ago, he also installed the HACCP system into the hospitality world, he developed the vacum packing machines that we use these days,  the vapor ovens, the digital needle thermometers, the VAPO SAVEUR system and, several other great inventions. He trained more than 8 thousand chefs from all over the world, including all the famous ones. Chef Pralus is now a consultant for Cuisine Standard, we have been working together in the last 4 years. This time I did a certification as a sous vide professor, in his lab in Briennon where he invented and developed the Sous Vide. It was a unique experience with a great chef and person. One week of preparing and eating so well. It will be hard to forget.

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