The Serene Part of Encinitas California

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It feels like a mini-Mysore in Encinitas, CA, this week, a couple hundred yogis or so in town for the two-week Ashtanga Yoga workshop with Sharath Rangaswamy and Saraswathi at Jois Yoga Encinitas. I’m among those here for five days of led classes as are a lot of folks from all over the country and some from beyond (ahoy Englanders and Canadians). Many of us have only crossed paths before while in India to practice.
If you’re reaching for Moksha “the liberation from samsara, the cycle of death and rebirth” that yoga practice offers, a beautiful Southern California beach such as Encinitas is definitely a good place to start.
It’s clean, it’s sunny, it’s warm. After practice, spent and happy, students catch up at one of the many veggie-friendly restaurants, head for the beach, or home, and/or sit for hours, eh-hem, drinking stellar almond-milk lattes at Lofty Coffee. Hordes of cyclists stream down the boulevards and kids on skateboards roll by, doing a little jig as they pass a live band playing at the annual street fair. Offshore, surfers paddle over the blue, blue water, looking further West, for the hint of the next break.
Life is good. Especially after you’ve put in some effort.


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