China’s 9 Dragons Jiulong Waterfalls Near Luoping For Breathtaking Beauty


Ask me four years ago if I had ever heard of Luoping or the 9 Dragons Jiulong Waterfalls, but there I was complete with a multiple entry visa for China on my 8th or 9th visit to the country taking in an awesome array of waterfalls in a natural forest and park area about 20 kilometres from the town of Luoping.  My first tip would be to stay in Luoping City. Ask around for tours that include both the Jiulong Waterfalls and the beautiful Yellow Canola Fields.

Yellow Canola Fields Luoping Yunnan China

I’m not normally this lazy on my travels, but we were rushed for time so we took the Chinese Cable Car which was roughly 6 RMB to get to the top. W

Cable Car Jiulong Waterfalls Luoping Yunnan China

The view is the by far, the highlight of the journey.

View of Jiulong Waterfalls Yunnan China

3. Hiking

There are a load of easy hikes and walks you can do – with easy guided maps and directions.

4. Eating

It’s China and it’s Yunnan, so you have endless random food stalls all over the place as well as restaurants at the entrance. For something different try the Sweet Coloured Rice.

5. Ride Vintage Chinese Boats

You can get up close and personal to the Shenlong Waterfall on these vintage Chinese boats.

vintage chinese boats in Yunnan Province China

Here’s a few videos of 9 Dragons Jiulong Waterfalls near Luoping in Yunnan Province, China:


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