Osprey Nest Cam at Golden Gate Audubon

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Whether you’re an avid birder or just in need of some faith renewal, the new Osprey nest cam installed by Golden Gate Audubon last week offers a quick fix. Not only do you get a veritable birds-eye view, you get a great gander at the beautiful bay and city skyline.

GGA installed two high-definition cameras focused on a nest on a 75-foot-high inactive WW2 maritime crane on the Richmond shoreline. The cameras have infrared ability so the next can be viewed at night without disturbing the birds. There is a chat room on the web site, as well as educational materials on Ospreys and how to help them thrive, and even lesson plans for teachers of grades 7-12.

We’ve taken to leaving it on full-screen at random when we’re home to view the beautiful birds in repose as well as feeding, preparing the nest, and mating (!). This weekend, the female laid its first egg so the action’s just starting.

Golden Gate Audubon is a founding member of the Bay Area Osprey Coalition, which includes organizations committed to helping this amazing raptor thrive!
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