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New in town (not literally in town, as they’re based in Colorado) is the Green Garage. With their “we don’t suck” slogan and their “smilaege” policy, and not to mention their mission to help make cars ‘drive good‘.

The Green Garage aims to make cars run better, cheaper and cleaner. It does seem like a bit of an oxymoron- a green garage. The automotive industry doesn’t exactly allude sustainable practice, and there are quite a few services that are offering more of a greenwash than actual change.

The Green Garage tries to reduce its impact both in the services it provides and in its operations. They reuse oil, eliminate the amount of harmful materials used (they have a soy based alternative to WD40) and they reuse scrap metal. Also, they have a range of green products, like pulse plugs that increase fuel economy in vehicles.

It’s definitely a step in the right direction, helping cars on the road drive better.

Ps- Here’s some more inspiration, facts and ideas about Driving the Good Drive.

(Spotted on Springwise)

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