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Recycle Match is one of those ideas that should have existed ages ago. It’s a fabulous concept and ultimately aims to get people reusing, trading, re-purposing and repairing before purchasing something new, or sending it to landfill.


Recycle Match is a web-based service that let’s companies who have an excess of of no longer used or needed materials, sell them away to people or organisations who can make good use of the waste. One example given on the website is a surplus of Vinyl billboards used by an advertising company being given to a person who makes bags from scrap vinyl.

The service only charges if a successful match is made. In most cases it’s a win-win situation. If companies can make a bit of profit from their commercial waste by using Recycle Match, rather than it go to landfill and people and organisations can gain materials they need second hand, everyone benefits.

(Spotted on SustainInteract)

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