Obama Nation to Savage Nation: Shut Up, Liar

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All last week after he gave his “endorsement” of John McCain, narcissistic talk show host Michael Savage claimed that his nod moved the Republican candidate up in the polls.

Over and over, in his school marmish way, the man born Michael Weiner claimed that his listeners would determine the election. Not could, but would. It was ridiculous on its face, but no one ever calls him on his lunacy.

He had me fearful that this country could really be that dumb. After all, it elected the failed administration of George W Bush not just once, and mounted an even more ignorant candidate in Sarah Palin.

It was a night of glee to see the Savage Nation for what it is. A load of bull, led by a charismatic but powerless demagogue.

Savage, by the way, is behind the energy drink Rock Star, which his son owns and the rest of his family sits on the board of.

You can buy plenty of other drinks, without supporting this racist homophobic hustler.

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