M.Dung Returns to the Airwaves

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M. Dung, who flew to San Francisco fame with his “Idiot Show” on KFOG-FM, will relaunch the wacked-out musical extravaganza Sunday November 16, 2008 on KYCY-AM (1550).

Dung, whose fans include Les Claypool of Primus, was last heard on KDBK in 1992–a 16-year hiatus. He promises to bring the goods again.

Here’s an excerpt from his bio at www.idiotshow.net:

My radio journey began in Allendale, Mi. I was a student at Grand Valley State Colleges now known as Grand Valley State. The year was 1977 and I was the Program Director at student radio WSRX, my overnight guy stopped showing up for his show from midnight till six am, so I started doing it myself to keep the station on 24 hours. I lasted about a week before chucking the station’s format to do something else…I went nuts…yelling…playing anything and everything…taking live calls on the air…just to stay awake for the 6 hour show.

How I got the name M. Dung is another story :) in 1977 everyone was punk and a guy named Dung caught on quick, soon the “Idiot Show” was the talk of the campus and I found myself with an unexpected hit.

During my senior year I landed my first professional radio job at WLAV in Grand Rapids, Mi. I was “Mike Richards” from 7-12pm :D WLAV was a top 40 station on the am dial. The sister station was WLAV-FM a 50,000 watt FM serving half of Michigan.

Enter Dave Logan… Dave came to work at LAV-FM from the LOOP in Chicago, his roommate used to listen to me on WSRX doing the Idiot Show! I would work at WLAV from 7pm-12mid, race over to WSRX to do the Idiot Show from 12mid-6am OOWWW!

Logan found out mild-mannered “Mike Richards” was really the crazed M. Dung he would listen to with his roommate and laugh his ass off…he hired me to do that very show on a 50,000 watt commercial FM radio station!

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