Big Money to Study the Future of Radio

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Check out this conference being held Nov. 14-16 in Santa Cruz to study the ways the Internet can be used for radio news and for the future of media.

KUSP-FM’s (88.9) Margaret Rosas got $327,000 for the study and conference from the Knight Foundation. You can see the other big winners here. She calls her project “Radio Engage” a way to collate news from other sources onto a station’s website. Her station no longer has a news department and does a terrible job covering the local community, when it used to be a community beacon.

I don’t know…what happened to hiring reporters, who are trained in synthesizing, organizing and critically analyzing material from sources into something credible?

I know that during the Santa Cruz fires she talks about here, I had to turn to the KSCO-AM to get some real live breaking news in my car. But she says her website went from 15,000 to 90,000 users a month, which is significant.

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