AgeLess Spa in the Finger Lakes for a Whole Lotta Pampering


If you’re heading to the Finger Lakes in Upstate New York, I’d strongly recommend booking a few spa treatments — after all, the region makes for a great romantic and leisurely relaxing getaway with its stunning views at every turn and there’s no shortage of great wines and microbrews to taste along the way.

While Corning New York might be most known for its famous Corning Glass, it also has some great eateries, cafes, bars and yes, spas. We tried something new this time around with the AgeLess Spa at the Corning Radisson. For those of you who have experienced a couple’s massage in the same room, AgeLess Spa’s BLISS for 2 takes it a step further by giving you a more customized treatment for an even deeper and relaxing experience over the course of around two hours.

The BLISS for 2 involves one person receiving a massage while the other gets a facial in the same room and then you switch so both of you get to experience a whole lotta pampering from the neck up and the neck down – BLISS is the right name for this unique one-of-a-kind treatment!

Leaving with the feeling of BLISS is doable for every spa if they “get” that the experience begins the moment you walk through their doors. At the AgeLess Spa, there’s a very inviting and warmly lit seating area outside the treatment rooms — you feel as if you’re in someone’s living room, one which is tastefully decorated by a designer who knows the importance of feng shui and great flow, blending all the best colors and lighting to relax every cell in your body.

I’m always surprised that ambiance, feng shui and mood are not automatics at every spa. After all, it’s not just about the treatment, but the way the spa environment and staff makes you feel from the moment you arrive. While the Radisson isn’t a classic 5 star hotel or spa, their attention to detail and over pampering is a notch above what you’d expect, even at a 4 star+. Not only were the staff incredibly friendly and warm, but they were highly professional and fun. Most importantly, they paid attention to our needs and responded accordingly, following through on all of it.

Ever have a massage experience where you ask for pressure a certain way or for your therapist to focus on one area longer than another and ended up with the same ole massage they give everyone else as if they’re following a rule book? I’m always astonished that this happens more often than it should. Bravo to our duo masseuse/esthetician team who went out of their way to truly pay attention and then over deliver.

Below is mint-infused water, seasonal blackberries and coconut scones we had before our treatment started in the pre and post-treatment relaxation room.

They also have the AgeLess Integrative Medical Spa as well which is focused more on the medical and health aspects of spa therapies. That said, their AgeLess Spa at the Radisson arm also focuses on your entire health system from head-to-toe and offer tips after your treatment, whether that’s how to do specific stretches to loosen you up in tight areas or useful skin tips to keep acne, or those aging spots and wrinkles at bay.

They focus on finding the balance between evidence based scientific medicine and time honored natural medicine. Their belief is that it is that balance which allows them to best personalize a health and wellness plan that will best meet your specific needs.

They offer all the traditional massage treatments you’d expect to find from a luxury spa, including one of my favorites, the Hot Stone Massage. The massage therapist uses heated Basalt Stones, which are both rich in iron and thus heat retaining. They start the massage by placing the stones at various key points around the body to warm up the muscles and improve your circulation. This improved circulation is thought to be deeply self- healing for the body as it allows for the release of toxins from the muscles. For those who have them on a regular basis know, Hot Stone Massage has a boat load of health benefits, from easing pain associated with Arthritis and Osteoarthritis and helping with Insomnia, Depression, and backaches.

The spa also offers Shiatsu, which is based on the principles of acupressure and the body’s meridian system, Shiatsu works with the body’s energy pathway, “Ki” to promote healing touch. Shiatsu also focuses on the joints, muscles, blood flow, and has been known to help with Headaches, Backaches, Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Arthritis, and much more. Their Shiatsu Massages takes place on the floor, instead of on a traditional massage table.

There’s also some healthy, detoxifying body treatments such as wraps and full body steam therapy treatments, which very few traditional spas offer. Steaming helps to stimulate your immune system, improve complexion and reduce stress. Benefits include weight loss, detoxification, help with joint pain relief, reduce cellulite, help to relieve allergies and Asthma, reduce inflammation and overall, ease sore muscles. The staff uses plenty of Essential Oils upon request, which helps with the relaxation process.

It was their signature facial that was part of the BLISS treatment for 2 however they’re happy to customize anything based on your needs and requests. I always want deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and extraction at a deeper level because I still fight with adult acne, but at the same time have to deal with aging skin.

Their Oxygenating Lift focuses on hydration. The treatment uses collagen-stimulating peptides, enzymatic-exfoliating products, extracted botanical plant oils and stem cells, in addition to oxygenized active ingredients. We were thrilled to see a few surprises on the menu, such as a revolutionary treatment called the Stem Cell Facial which uses active anti-aging ingredients and combines plant-derived stem cells with powerful collagen peptides. The result? Overall great correction, prevention, and nutritional restoration of your skin. They tout that you can actually notices the difference after just one treatment.

In addition to specialty treatments, they have a salon on-site as well as therapists on hand to do nails, waxing and make-up application for those special occasions. Parking is easy and it’s a short walk to the downtown area where you can find great cafes, bars and restaurants.

Why not treat yourself with a little decadence. After all, aren’t you worth it?

Alas, coconut and chocolate treats anyone?

I’d recommend adding AgeLess Spa to your Finger Lakes itinerary – two thumbs up! We would most definitely return….


AgeLess Spa Radisson Hotel  

130 East Tioga Avenue

Corning, NY 14830




We were hosted by the spa but all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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