Is Apple Making iPhone 3G Totally Unusable To Force Upgrade?

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The best thing an iPhone 3G user can do is to “downgrade” their not-so-smart phone !

Such customer disdain from Apple comes as no surprise.

It’s been a month since Apple released iOS 4 for iPhone 3G and 3GS and that consumers have been complaining – even on Apple’s discussion forums – of all sorts of problems directly related to the upgrade: unbearably slow, rapid battery drain or excessive heat!

And by the way, the upgrade to 4.0.1 doesn’t help either.

But the worse is Apple’s attitude. Just like with “Antennagate” Apple pooh-poohed criticisms, that is, until today. FINALLY! Steve, where are you? Still in Hawaii?

Apple is investigating reports that the latest iPhone operating system causes problems for users of the iPhone 3G, after a series of complaints on Apple support forums and technology blogs,” writes the Wall Street Journal online.

Here are examples of customer complaints.

But the iphone is very slow with IOS4. It doesn’t work as smooth as it used to be. Also new applications such as the iBook application are very slow, doesn’t respond smooth on screentaps etc.

This is absolutely ridiculous, the additions to the 3G handset are consolidation of email, a zoom to the camera and folders on the homepage….so why the **** has the handset slowed to snails pace??!

5 seconds to open the text window. Another 3 seconds to get a popup text input keyboard. 3 seconds to open the email window

This is such an outrageous situation that even the most loyal Apple fans are feeling that the Cupertino, Calif. is forcing them to upgrade to the iPhone 4 by making their iPhone 3G totally unusable!

“This phone has gone from being a dream to constantly annoying me. Not a way to make friends. I would upgrade to an iPhone 4, but I’m feeling pretty angry that Apple has forced my hand by making my 3G unusable,” wrote a user on the Apple support discussion forum.

So, Apple here’s YOUR roadmap for the next few weeks:

  1. Fix the iOS4 operating system or at least give your most loyal customers an option to downgrade to the older operating system!
  2. Fix the iPhone 4 antenna. Recall the whole damn thing and finally sell a flawless device that actually works the way it should;
  3. Fix the white iPhone 4  manufacturing and please stop lying about shipping dates
  4. Oh, and I forgot… and this one is for the boss… APOLOGIZE for all the trouble your lies caused to faithful fans and aggrieved customers!

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