The Return of the Inner Child and the Feminine

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On December 12th 2012, I had the privilege to lead a group of five adults, in an activity focusing on the needs and gifts of the inner child. At nearly mid-day we clustered around a fallen stone inside the ruins of the Khnemu temple in Aswan Egypt, and colored like school children on a field trip.

I choose butterflies as our objects, and colored pencils as our tools. Each of us, rubbed, scratched and glided about the page. Turing a blank outline into a truly embodied symbol of rebirth, as an offering to Khnemu the god of rebirth. On December 21st 2012 the stars aligned and our entire planet was reborn. As we take our first steps into this new paradigm. We are asked to face one final challenge. We are called towards being child-like without being childish.
Imagine a world not devoid of conflict but devoid of criticism. A world not flattened by homogeneity, but textured by infinite diversity. Where everyone has a specific and special place, where simply by being rooted in our best selves, we effortlessly serve the grater whole.

This world already exists in nature. Having separated ourselves from it for many generations, we has human being have recently been invited to rejoin the continuum.

We are all valid in our individual experience. We are all expert authorities in our own lives. No one else’s life experience can translate into, or define our own. What each of us has to offer is exquisite beyond measure, and only our inner interpretation of life can guide us.
As we begin to observe and participate in the larger scheme of things, we see that the continuum of existence here on earth is much more than the sum of it’s parts. To translate it’s elements into societal terms. Every job, project, venture and creative endeavor is a living entity in which the parts themselves become better due to the formation of the whole.

Foreign as it may seem to us after centuries of saturation and envelopment, in a continually degrading hierarchical system based on distorted masculine principles. This is not a new concept. The knowledge of it runs through us like blood and water. We may not have recent memories that we can chew on. But comfort food for the soul, is quite different from comfort food for the mind. The nurturing we receive from a life lived with the incorporation of the feminine element, is a system based on synergy.

Synergy makes what we have come to accept as “normal life” shine. It is the long forgotten grace and magic in all things. Synergy is powered by faith, and actualized through conscious awareness of ones divine propose. It’s what happens when a connection is made between desire and freedom. Synergy begets synchronicity; allowing one thought dream or feeling to empower everything it touches. Cascading slowly yet suddenly into people, lives, and a world filled with wonder and adventure. When we do what we love, and let everything else fall into place. All of the components needed for a majestic existence will draw together. Ultimately unifying with a little less will, and a little more power.

Released from a hierarchal control model. We are able to flow into a value system that centralizes around variety and quality. When we cease to withhold and repress the genuine skills and talents of the individual, we cease to choke out our own supply. Consequently the demand on our resources levels out, and finds a natural equilibrium. When we focus only on what we love we are eager to share the fruits of that love, and the benefits of open source energetic abundance abounds.

No longer micro managed because we are no longer managed, working with others is now devoid of burden and risk. We have complete confidence in the abilities of our peers because their skills are in complete alignment with that persons innate talents. When we no longer have to worry about another’s part of the equation, we are free to focus all of our energy on our own.

It’s officially time for life to get easy. Instead of forcing ourselves to get mediocre at tasks and skills we were originally horrible at; the principle of synergy encourages us to focus only on our strengths. She wants us to take our sharpest talents and sharpen them further. Then proudly share them, with appreciative and respectful others. This brings fulfillment to all involved, eliminating the need for guilt, fear, and self doubt. Not good at something? Who says you need to be? No longer do we have to make ourselves fit into standardized molds to survive.

Now our only responsibility is to cultivate our gifts. Polishing ourselves until we shine like the stars, remembering that the only thing we need acquiesce to is the circle of life. Primarily living as we are meant to, in harmony with ourselves, each-other and our planet. So long as we allow for the energy of synergy.

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