Halloween: Dark Harvest


Dark Harvest Lunation
Celebrate this Celtic Ritual.
Drapes in Orange and Black.

Burning foliage of the old.
Intoxication of sulfur and mulled wine
Reading a prophecy awaiting a sign.

Howling moon chants
As white drapes dance
Hypnotic state a witch’s trance.

This veil a thin web
Walks the living and the dead.

Candle burn on my window sill
The Queen Banshee passes with a Screeching Shill
Underworld passes on the grave misty hill.

Deirdre Powell
Deirdre Powell, from a very early age thirst for the written word. Her first publication was a prose featured in Lanigan School book at the mere age of seven. Her parents moved to Co. Claire Ireland when she was ten, giving her opportunity to embrace her Irish culture.

While there, she engulfed herself learning Yeats, Wilde, Beckett, Joyce, McCourt and Mythology from ancient Ireland. Whilst in Ireland she attended college for film and television production and then studied in London in 1999 before moving back to the United States to further her studies in Creative Writing, Journalism and Photography earning certificates and credits towards her Masters Degree.

Deirdre is Co-Founder and Editor in Chief of Undergroundwriter, a diverse cultural webzine promoting writers, photographers and artists worldwide. Deirdre has articles, poetry and short stories featured in various publications. When Deirdre is not writing, she is an enthusiastic amateur photographer. Some of her photographs appeared in local Florida newspapers. Coming from an Artisan lineage Deirdre heartily believes that the arts change the polarity of thought and thus she is always supporting the local arts.
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