The Resurrection of the Divine Feminine

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This month holds the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. It is a time when the veils are thinnest between the worlds. It is a time of purification and reawakening. It is also a New Years festival. A time to make offerings to Cerridwen the goddess of knowledge and inspiration, and the keeper of the cauldron. It’s a time when walking with the divine comes with ease.

The passage of the divine feminine body is being held in our field of observation. Women have been noticing the unfair balances of power for a while now. The response has been rebellion. Wave after wave of feminism, we’ve said no to patriarchy, and the voice has been loud, “I am too going to that party dad!” but it has not been clear, “And I’m taking my tatted-up wanna-be rock-star boyfriend with me.”  What we have seen over and over is women transferring their power from one male dominated venue (traditional family life), to another (traditional working life).  As we climb up the latter, all the way to almost being president… it is clear that women are shedding layers of their femininity during assent.

As with most rebellions, revolutions rarely revolutionize. We substitute one master for another. We shift the hierarchical balance of power from someone, to someone else else. We allow ourselves to inadvertently transform into the exact thing we are fighting. and as intoxicating as insurrection can be. We need not rebel against, what we need  is freedom from.

In a return to nature, In the resurrection of the feminine aspect of Divinity, we are all liberated.

Looking at Earth’s cycles we, see history repeating it’s self, but in a way that isn’t imbued with disappointment. Fall, winter, spring, summer, and fall again. Wax on wax off The tide comes in, the tide goes out. Instead of pushing for change and receiving more of the same. We are now in a rhythm that assumes the same, and yet allows for variety within the comfort of the expected. The lesson of the larger cycles of nature is that they work with each other, not for each other. This is the basis for the return of the feminine element.

Hierarchy takes all the power and places it at the top, as such it places all of the responsibility on those at the top. Dismantling that structure would mean, no longer having someone to look up to. It would also means no longer having someone to blame.

The divine feminine restores the power and the responsibility to the individual. She brings us the fruit of knowledge. The full realization that ones behaviors and actions lie squarely on ones own shoulders. With this understanding, we can come to see that what we do and how we do it affects others. Which conversely means that others are always affecting us. Their is no way to tame it, contain it, or control it.  We are all working together, whether we’re aware of it or not. We are all working together whether we like it or not. And none of us are innocent children with parents to carry the weight of our choices for us.

In our lopsided understanding of the world we have created one full of  people who’s fault it’s not. The Divine Feminine teaches us that the consequences of our actions good and bad are each and every one of our own.

Hierarchy may have savaged the world we know, but Synergy will heal it.  In the eyes of nature we are, and have always been peers; sibling beings living on earth as equals. The only thing we ever really hurt in denial of this is ourselves, and It is only through reclaiming this knowledge that we can ever truly come home. Cerridwen returns this Samhain to show us how to be whole.

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